CyberHub Summit Comes to Austin May 3rd – Cyber Security Education for Executives and Business Owners

CyberHub Summit, A Must Attend Summit for Executives

  • World class educational experience provided by world renown cyber security leaders
  • Industry roundtables and networking activities with EXECUTIVE roles
  • First class cuisine provided by one of Austin’s top-rated chefs
  • Knowledge and takeaway’s necessary to protect your business from cyber threats
  • Reduced risk associated with running your business

There are tons of events and trade shows out there, almost one a week across the country. So, what makes CyberHub Summit any different? CHS prides itself in being a unique event that focuses on educating executives and bringing DECISION MAKERS into one room for an experience that you can’t find at any other event. Whereas other companies draw a crowd of IT professionals, CHS focus on making the business world a safer place from cyber-threats at the top level.


Cyberhub Summit Coming to Austin, Tx | May 3, 2018 – Cyber Security education for executives and business owners, Exclusive Dinner and Powerful Networking. |

ATC Apr 18 Leadership Dinner – Rapid Value Creation and Scaling for Middle-Market Tech and Industrial Companies

Ken Bresnen, Managing Director of Denary LLC will lead Chairman of Sensuron, Pierrick Vulliez; President and CEO of Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions, Robb Misso; and CEO and Co-founder at Healthy Life Enterprises, Inc and GetHealthy.Store, Jon Armstrong, in exploring these topics.

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We have all seen that Value Creation can result from fortunate intuition, lucky breaks and just being at the right place at the right time. But Value Creation can also result from a deliberate, systematic process. This intentional process leverages multiple factors that together can increase corporate value at a brisk rate. Scaling is the art and discipline of managing, controlling and optimizing the dynamics of swift business growth. Scaling takes place across all company disciplines and interfaces. Value Creation and Scaling skills go hand in hand.

This panel of experienced entrepreneurs and corporate leaders will discuss their personal experiences and observations in growing firms to middle-market stages and beyond. They will touch on such matters as:

  • Value-Directed Vision and Strategies
  • Operational Effectiveness (Delivering on the Brand Promise)
  • Operational Efficiency (the Importance of Process)
  • Team, Culture, Leadership
  • Value Building Transactions


Wednesday, Apr 18 | 5:00 – 8:00 PM | Z’Tejas Downtown (map)

Ken Bresnen

Ken Bresnen is Managing Director of Denary LLC, a Corporate Development advisory and Investment Banking firm.  Ken has served in senior leadership, operational and corporate development roles both in large companies and early-stage ventures in the computer equipment, software, and Internet industries and in several heavy industrial industries. Before forming Denary, Ken Bresnen was Managing Director of an international investment-banking firm specializing in cross-border mergers and acquisitions of technology companies. Just prior to this, Ken was co-founder and CEO of Trialsmith Inc., an Internet business serving 60,000 attorneys. Ken Bresnen began his career as a semiconductor engineer with Texas Instruments in Germany. He then served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force as a Titan II ICBM combat crewmember and later was a consultant to the U.S. government on telecommunications in the Soviet Union. Ken holds an MBA from the Wharton School and received a BS Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M.



Pierrick Vulliez

Originally from the French Alps, Pierrick Vulliez founded his first company, 4DSP, in Nevada in 2004 and moved it to Austin in 2010. He opened 4DSP’s EU operations in the Netherlands in 2006. 4DSP designs and manufactures high performance Digital Signal Processing equipment for the Defense market. Between 2010 and 2016, his firm introduced 6 new products per year and was recognized for its innovation through multiple awards. Maintaining high profitability over this six-year period, as CEO Pierrick grew 4DSP’s revenue at 50% per year, entirely on internally generated funds. In 2016, 4DSP was acquired by Abaco Systems, a 700 person electronics firm owned by PE fund Veritas Capital.  In 2015, Pierrick Vulliez also founded Sensuron, a firm developing sophisticated Fiber Optic Sensing instruments used in Aerospace, Energy production and Medical Robotics applications. He is the Chairman of Sensuron. Pierrick received his MSEE from ESIEE Paris.  Before forming 4DSP, he worked as a Hardware Design Engineer for Sundance Multiprocessor (UK) and doubleBW/Eonic (Netherlands).

Robb Misso

Robb Misso, CEO and owner of Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions has 25 years’ experience in the Semiconductor and Manufacturing Industries. Robb is one of the founding members of Austin Regional Manufacturer’s Association(ARMA) and was recently a past Chairman of the Board for ARMA. Robb also participates on the Board of (CESMII) Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing™ Innovation Institute and has recently joined the Executive Leadership Team for the American Heart Association. Robb’s passion is workforce development and participates within the community to promote that initiative. He is the Vice Chair of the Austin Community College Welding Program. He is actively involved with the Austin Chamber of Commerce and has participated in their annual advocacy trip to Washington, D.C. in an effort to lobby on behalf of manufacturing companies in the United States. Robb is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder.



Jon Armstrong

Jon has served as CEO of multiple early stage and growth companies in Austin with 2 companies being sold. He currently serves as Co-founder and CEO of Healthy Life Enterprises, Inc. HLE is an eCommerce platform for doctors and wellness professionals to sell supplements and other wellness products through their own branded eCommerce store. Jon is a Trilogy alumni, and was also CEO of Adlucent, a digital marketing analytics technology company for large online Retailers. Jon was previously a Partner at Accenture where he did business and technology consulting in the corporate payments and lending space. Jon has deep expertise in eCommerce, sales and marketing, commercial banking and payments. Jon has lived in Austin for almost 20 years, and enjoys live music, world travel and Sooners football. Jon received an MBA from Texas Christian University and a BBA, Finance from the University of Oklahoma.



5-6 pm – Networking Cocktail Hour

6-7 pm – Speaker Presentation

7-8 pm – Dinner

This event features subject matter expert speakers addressing best practices, problem solving, and thought leadership in a confidential environment. The discussion-style event allows executives to freely exchange ideas and experiences, have open discussion on emerging trends, issues, and new market opportunities, and promote research that facilitates the advancement of the industry.

The event will be held at Z’Tejas downtown.

Free valet is provided to those who register.


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How to use finance as a marketing tool to increase value with investors


Too often, the work of finance and accounting teams within growing businesses seems perfunctory and inconsequential. That remains true even in the high-stakes world of private equity investment, where innovative, entrepreneurial executives court detail-oriented investors. Before making a bid for a merger or acquisition, there’s no question that prospective investors will want to see the candidate firm’s accounting and financials up close. However, too many executives and sell-side stakeholders underestimate just how critical that financial data is – not only the accuracy of those numbers, but their presentation and context.

“Private equity investors know the devil is in the financial details.”

Even when bottom-line numbers are all in the black, private equity analysts know as well as anyone that the devil is in the details. If the people pitching a company for a sale or investment think otherwise, or if they simply don’t have an in-depth understanding of their firm’s financial situation, the deal will fall apart. On the other hand, businesses going into deal talks with a firm grasp of their accounting and financial positions not only close deals faster, they earn even larger valuations as a result.

To discuss how great finances can work as a marketing tool for exit-ready businesses, the Austin Technology Council hosted a panel of experts on the subject, including Consero Global CEO and co-founder Scott Tynes who led the Feb. 21 talk.

Consero CEO
Scott Tynes

Other guests included:

  • Brett Bowman, CFO of Main Street Hub, a marketing services company recently acquired by GoDaddy in a multi-million dollar deal.
  • Autumn Manning, co-founder and CEO of YouEarnedIt, a human resources services platform.
  • Charlie Plauche, Principal at S3 Ventures, a venture capital firm managing a portfolio worth more than $400 million.


Advice for executives: Clean financials drive value

According to Tynes, companies that prove a strong grasp of their finance and accounting functions – and that have the performance to back up those claims – tend to draw higher valuations from equity investors. Those that haven’t reached this level of F&A maturity, on the other hand, usually find it difficult to raise capital, and often lack an exit strategy that benefits founders and shareholders equally.

“Imagine you are at home and a visitor rings the doorbell unannounced,” Tynes said, comparing equity investor prospects with homebuyers. “This is what it is like to work with investors. Your house is messy but you have to invite them in.” Therefore, it stands to reason that much as with a clean and tidy house, a well-organized and buttoned-up F&A function will convince buyers that a company is worth the asking price, or perhaps even more.

Another key piece of advice offered by Tynes to CEOs and CFOs of companies on the PE market: Use your financials to tell a story and make it a compelling one. Executives need to ask how the metrics align with the story they want to sell to investors, or if they even have all the right metrics to begin with.

All in all, the new role of the finance department as a marketing tool in the private equity process is representative of the ever-evolving responsibilities of modern CFOs. Without a financially innovative mindset, executives can’t expect to find success from a potential acquisition deal.

  Consero CEO Scott Tynes discussed how to leverage top-notch financials in talks with equity investors.

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