ATC Unplugged Webinar – December 8, 2022

Diversity and Social Justice – A Starting Place

Join the Austin Technology Council for our final webinar of 2022, featuring Jessica Pettitt.

Unlike other online diversity trainings, this course introduces the concepts that the user or learner can utilize in their own lives immediately. Regardless of each participant’s identities and lived experiences, the concept of how we coexist, interact, and impact one another is imperative to build better teams, better connections, and deeper relationships.

Spend an hour reflecting on how you fit into the conversation of diversity. Coming to terms with our own unique positive and negative bias as well as how that intersects with our responsibility of perception and sense of entitlement to validation is the foundation of social justice work. Our experiences, choices, and impact, both intentional and unintentional, matter. This is the starting place.

Learning Outcomes
• Recognizing difference and engagement habits;
• Personal reflection and seeking out new experiences;
• Feeling safe and prepared;
• Conscious and Unconscious Bias, both positive and negative;
• Recruitment, Retention, and Fit; and
• The role of Curiosity, Generosity, Authenticity, Vulnerability.