ATC Member Blog, a Robotic Process Automation and AI Consultancy, Launches in Austin

AUSTIN, TX – Co-founders and tech industry veterans Carlos Martin and Venky Cheluvaraj announce the launch of, a Cedar Park-based robotic process automation and AI consultancy that demystifies the use of artificial intelligence, RPA and digitization to make businesses more efficient and allow them to scale effectively. 

To celebrate the launch, the company hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony today with the Austin Chamber of Commerce and Austin Tech Council at Hamlet Co-Working, a co-working facility in Cedar Park that will serve as the company’s headquarters. believes in AI for good and is also developing the Fraud Abuse Prevention Program – free training both online and within the local community on spotting financial scams with an initial focus on elder abuse prevention. 

“We are proud to be a part of the rapid growth of the Austin market, and the emerging northern suburbs, as a tech hub,” said Carlos Martin, Co-Founder & CEO of “In addition to serving the growth of startups and established companies, both my mother and myself were victims of financial fraud and look forward to offering guidance to individuals on how to prevent these scams from happening to others.”

Robotic process automation (RPA), Artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are being leveraged by high growth start-ups and established companies to improve business efficiencies and allow them to effectively scale. With North Austin cited as the latest growing center for tech in Central Texas, the company’s Cedar Park headquarters is ideally suited to serve both local and national customers. 

“The Austin Technology Council is excited to have as a member from the inception of the company,” said Thom Singer, CEO, Austin Tech Council. “As we look to the future of technology, AI related technologies are a core of the “Tomorrow Companies” that make up the future of Central Texas. As companies like launch and grow, we are excited to help them develop community and collaboration in the region.”  

At the ribbon cutting event,’s founders, who have more than 20 years experience in AI deployment, shared how they have trained and mentored the top consulting firms on best case use of RPA and AI technologies and developed cutting-edge solutions to digitally transform Fortune 500 companies.’s financial analysis focuses on the top down instead of bottom up. Its approach centers on rapid development and delivery – offering the greatest efficiencies and ROI for processes including sales, invoicing, collections, operations, logistics, manufacturing, IT, and more. 

“Austin is an incredibly supportive place for startups and technology companies,” said Roland Pena, SVP of Global Tech & Innovation, Austin Chamber of Commerce. “We are excited that has launched and joined the Austin Chamber family. Their goal is to help companies be more efficient and they have a great team with extensive experience in helping companies leverage technology to improve and meet their goals.” has also secured partnerships with Microsoft and Outsystems for low code automation as well as an alliance with consulting company BRQ, who is expanding in the US.

“Our differentiator is in our methodology,” said Venky Cheluvaraj, Co-Founder & COO, We analyze companies’ financials and how much business processes are costing to recommend and execute simple financial and software solutions that incorporate AI and RPA technology to drive businesses forward.”

For more information on the company’s offerings, visit

About is an RPA and AI consultancy headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas that demystifies the use of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to make businesses more efficient and allow them to scale effectively. The founders have trained and mentored the top consulting firms on best case use of AI and practices of automation and developed cutting-edge solutions that have maximized ROI for companies including TD Bank, communication giant Rogers and Blue Cross. analyzes companies’ financials and the cost of business processes with a top down approach to recommend and execute simple financial and software methodologies that incorporate AI and RPA technology. The company will also be providing free trainings online and within local communities on spotting financial scams. 

A Founder’s Guide to Raising Equity

Growing businesses need funding to fuel their business, and many SaaS founders often see an equity raise as validation of their business growth. Equity can be an excellent option for founders. However, the timing and terms on which equity is raised are crucial.

In the complimentary whitepaper, “A Founder’s Guide to Raising Equity – Steps to Take to Fund Your SaaS Business,” we layout out different aspects that Founders need to consider to help navigate the process, minimize dilution, and retain as much of their ownership stake as possible.

Key Inclusions:

-Real-world scenarios of when equity is right for a business

-Expert insight on how to prepare for the raise

-Tips for developing a data room

-Recommendations on how to build a funding plan and how to structure the investment

-Best practices on what to look for in an investor and key questions to ask before taking equity

-Issues to be aware of and what to expect after the raise

Download the Guide 

Turning Exit Interviews Into Action

Despite voluntary turnover being a normal part of any workplace, it can still come as a surprise when employees turn in their resignation letter. Most companies seek to learn from these instances with an exit interview, but are the takeaways being acted on in a way that can actually reduce future turnover? The information that companies gain from exit interviews is vital and can offer a look into internal operations to see what is working and what is not. Common questions asked in an exit interview can look like the following:

  • What prompted you to look for a new job?
  • What offering led you to accept the new position?
  • Did you have all the tools needed to be successful at your job here?
  • Were you given clear goals and objectives?
  • What could we be doing better?

Questions like these give valuable insight into your company’s unique internal processes and can show gaps in communication, goals, and employee engagement. Both exit interview data and research show that the top two reasons that employees give for leaving their jobs are inability to reach compensation goals and lack of opportunity for advancement. Additionally, 74% of talent rate a lack of career progression as the top reason why they would consider quitting their job.

You are not alone if your company has received feedback that was in line with these stats, but the good news is there are processes you can begin utilizing today to reduce this type of feedback in the future.

Read more on how you can put exit interviews into action from the experts at TalentGuard.

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