UAPs and UFOs. What Do We Know? What Don’t We Know? – The Austin Forum Upload

Recent US government reports, videos, and interviews with credible witnesses (e.g. Navy pilots) have been released recently that discuss unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), sometimes referred to as UFOs (unidentified flying objects). Are they technology? Are they natural phenomena? How should we read and understand such reports and videos? Jay Boisseau and Jessica Sager interview Dr. J. Craig Wheeler, renowned astrophysicist (and also science fiction writer) about these reports and why we should be careful about assuming they are extraterrestrial, or even flying, or possibly event ‘objects,’ and how we might better pursue answers and understanding to determine what these UAPs are. Listen to the full episode anywhere you listen to podcasts or here: https://www.austinforum.org/files/theme/theupload/AF-S3E15.mp3

Measuring Brain Activity for Health & Performance – The Austin Forum Upload

Jay and John talk to Jim Prather, President of WAVi, about neurotech–specifically, monitoring and measuring brain activity as a means of increasing understanding about everything from stroke and concussion impact recovery to mental performance. Yes, this is getting real, and WAViMed is now in about 150 clinics around the country, and is being used in multiple research projects. Listen to the full episode anywhere you list to podcasts or here: https://www.austinforum.org/files/theme/theupload/AF-S3E13.mp3

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