PODCAST: Building Resilience with Carolyn Trevino Jenkins, CEO of We Are Here

In this episode of “Making Waves at C-Level,” Carolyn Jenkins, the co-founder and CEO of We Are Here, shares her ideas around resilience and how individuals and bosses can better understand the need for resilience in the workplace and life. She has a long history working in tech companies, and has held many roles from HR, COO, Chief Product Officer, and CEO.

Carolyn also shares her points of view on the city of Austin: past, present, and future….and why the city continues to grow and thrive.

About Carolyn Trevino Jenkins

Carolyn Jenkins is an award-winning technology executive and entrepreneur who has an extensive and diverse background. Teams she’s led have won international recognition for outstanding customer success and national awards for cutting edge work in HR. Several of her companies have won growth awards.

Ms. Jenkins believes a culture of strategy, execution, and accountability can be achieved with servant and compassionate leadership. While CEO of Khorus software, Carolyn was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has first-hand experience in how challenging it is to balance a cancer journey with the demands of family and work. She began advocating for early detection and helping those with fewer resources while on that journey. Here is a mission driven endeavor for Carolyn. In her spare time, she mentors emerging leaders, advises startups, and volunteers with several local non-profits.