Blockchain by the Box

Lately, I have been contemplating when GRC should come out of blockchain stealth mode, and let the crypto-currency mining community know what GRC is doing to help folks take advantage of the most widely adopted application of the blockchain. GRC has acquired significant experience in the space by deploying our patented liquid immersion cooling technology for a number of Bitcoin miners . GRC’s ability to cool these powerful, heat-generating mining computers at over 100kw per rack proved to be most valuable – especially since GRC’s technology is extraordinarily power efficient. Afterall, low electricity cost is one of the key factors in achieving a profitable mining operation. Upon observing that many people wishing to participate in this gold rush have limited IT and Data Center operations experience, we decided to do something a little different.

Over the last several years, GRC has also been building containerized data centers for the Air Force. So, we decided to mash together our blockchain experience with our containerized datacenter experience and voila – the HashTank was launched late this summer. The HashTank is, first and foremost, a turn-key Bitcoin mining operation. We deliver to our customers a 40 foot ISO shipping container complete with 432 S9 Antminers, racks, power distribution, and cooling infrastructure. The customer just needs to provide a cement pad upon which we place the HashTank, as well as power, water, and internet connections. We’ve even formed a partnership with a power company that can provide low cost power rates and land upon which a customer can place their HashTanks.

Despite the fact that we have done virtually nothing to promote this offering, our Sales team has been overwhelmed with people who are finding us. So, perhaps we are kidding ourselves when we claim to be in stealth mode. As we start to ramp our production capacity, we have decided that it’s probably OK to let more people in on the “secret”.

Yet, this is only the beginning of our blockchain journey. And while the future of crypto-currencies is uncertain, the future of the blockchain is not. Blockchain will continue to require tremendous computing power, and where there is tremendous computing power, there is a tremendous amount of heat that needs to be efficiently removed from the data center. That is what we do best.

The Blockchain is one of several vertical markets that GRC serves. The company has data center customers deployed across the world in the HPC (High Performance Computing), Defense, Oil & Gas, and Financial Service markets. By radically simplifying how data center operators address their ever growing heat loads, GRC can reduce data center construction costs by up to 60%, reduce cooling energy costs by up to 90%, and reduce infrastructure maintenance costs by up to 50%.

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