Why IT staff Augmentation is the right move in the post-pandemic world?

With every business decision, there are pros and cons, the COVID-19 pandemic created a new set of opportunities and challenges for all companies, including the need of improving or creating new digital channels, some of these challenges might seem overwhelming, mostly if you need to create a full digital staff from scratch.

When creating the conditions for new digital channels there might be several options: hiring a freelancer, creating an app for your business from templates, using website builders’ sites… Have you considered a nearshore IT staffing agency? Learn here why you should consider this alternative and the real impact that it will have on your business.


Cost is a no-brainer. Projects and performance are evaluated on cost KPI’s. Bringing on a development partner takes the burden away from your company of finding talent, onboarding and training, management, task assignment to greater cost considerations of salary/benefits and if you are utilizing that talent to its fullest potential, you will leverage your business potential.


Give your highly sought-after and groomed managers the ability to focus on what makes your software solution good today and what will make it even better tomorrow. Relieve them of the challenges of maintaining their software and allow them to focus on solving problems and innovation. Focus is key for not only for the product side of the house but for your entire organization.

Streamline Efficiencies

After the COVID-19 all business owners realized that every dollar counts and has a purpose, a partner that brings operational efficiency is like gold. Seek out these partners that can show their processes around communication, agile development and how they reduce time-consuming functions for your business. Workstream ownership to internal and external teams allows each group to problem solve and complete tasks without bumping into one another all while having each other as a backup for questions or issues.


The software developers you hire should not just be engineers that build code in a vacuum. Select a partner that has a similar culture to one of your consumers. This proximity puts your development partner in a better position to staff your project with developers that actually “get” what they are coding. Latin America-based teams are neighbors to the south that closely understand the communication styles, expectations, and cultural norms of their North American clients.

Time Zone

Collaboration is imperative in software development. The partner you select will depend on your team’s priority around real-time communication for code guidance and brainstorming. Allowing your in-house engineering team, the direct and same or close-to-same time zone as your remote team. Time is measured in time zone similarities for collaboration but also time saved by having access to your development partner in like for like work schedules.

Speed to Market

Nearshore development teams are poised to help you get your product to market quicker, also to provide quick turnarounds for consistent business results. Having the flexibility to assign multiple developers in shadow roles, code reviewers – this buddy system is just smart coverage.


Diligence in selecting a partner that hires top talent is key. Your software development partner must take care of their team, have high retention, and breed a culture of excellence. Nearshore development teams are constantly on the go, serving many clients and gleaning the best practices of each of those clients. Mobile and Web software engineers in these staff augmentation teams have experience stepping in and out of in-flight software projects. They read other’s code and can expertly jump in without wasting your team’s time and effort. This benefit helps you get tight deadlines tackled with project acceleration. All possible when hiring a nearshore software developer.

Discover Applaudo Studios, an IT nearshore software development company that specializes in providing high-quality tech solutions. Learn more about our clients and our previous experiences, we are here not to just deliver a mobile or web app, we are here to create the future together. Consider the factors of cost, focus, streamlined efficiencies, proximity, time zone, speed-to-market, and expertise when selecting an IT nearshore staffing agency development firm, it’s just smart for your business.