Why Hiring a Candidate Who Requires Up-Skilling Can Be a Winning Formula

In a successful business, you’ll be surrounded by a team of skilled, dedicated employees. They each have defined roles which they fulfil to the high level you’ve come to expect. But is that really sufficient? Wouldn’t it be better for them and for you if they had the benefit of a system of personal development? Not only do they grow as employees, but their contribution to the business increases.

At the same time, remember that change is inevitable in business and it can be sparked by many different catalysts, including fluctuating market trends, economic conditions, technological innovation, the political climate, new regulatory regimes. With any change comes the need to adapt and develop new skills to meet the challenges of the new environment.

Whatever the business conditions in which you find yourself operating, the value of up-skilling cannot be over-stated. It may sound like another fashionable buzzword, but as a policy it can make a huge difference to the competitiveness of your firm. It will help your employees to raise their game by equipping them with new skills and keeping them fully apprised of the latest trends and developments within your industry sector.

It also means that many of them will be qualified to step into roles that would previously have been beyond their capabilities, possibly even moving up into senior positions. It allows you to turn a good team into a great one — agile, knowledgeable, motivated, and bursting with initiative.

While it may seem counter-intuitive when recruiting to consider hiring a candidate who needs up-skilling from the outset, the inverse is true. If you think about it for a moment, this is precisely how the best lawyers and doctors are created — in fact, the ancient notion of apprenticeship is founded on the practice. Of course, we’re not talking about anything as formal as a barrister’s pupillage or a medical residency, but the principle of inviting talented, energetic individuals into your company and helping them grow into their potential is a powerful one.

Up-skilling a new employee creates a bond which is valued on both sides and helps to integrate them into the company culture. It has huge implications for productivity, enabling them to face ever greater challenges, initiate new ideas and solutions, and generally achieve considerably more in less time.

It’s well established that an employee with improved productivity rates feels happier, more fulfilled and likely to be motivated to greater successes. Building confidence — especially in a new recruit — is an important part of the onboarding and training process.

If employees feel they are valued and their abilities are developing, they will have little incentive to leave. On those occasions when it does happen, the disturbance to the fabric will be less severe if your team is properly up-skilled and able to absorb the loss and the change.

It’s also about preparing for contingencies. As technology advances — particularly in the digital sector — you need a team with the skills to adapt and assimilate. You want the skillsets of your employees to be equal to the next task, not just the last one. It’s also important to remember the value of soft skills, those non-technical and often interpersonal abilities that contribute so much to the functioning of any team: communication, empathy, resilience.

Any up-skilling program needs to be designed with measurable outcomes in mind. Of course, it benefits your employees, but it needs to translate into positive performance and growth targets. With the right ethos, it will transform your employees into engaged, driven, highly-skilled participants in your success.

Finding the right candidates who will grow the most from being up-skilled is not simple, but at Coltech our expertise in devising staffing solutions has been proven time and again. We pride ourselves on sourcing the top 5% of talent across the tech sector. Let us help you find the best and brightest candidates with the potential to grow into your company’s finest assets.

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