Why Choose Veterans For Open Technology Jobs

Finding it difficult to locate the right talent to help your business grow? …You’re not alone. Many executives have expressed this very challenge. Even with technology being such a promising field, and one that has shown continued, rapid growth, this has been an area of struggle for many businesses. A solution? Even the most savvy corporations tend to forget about a vast area of business potential – hiring veterans. Veterans in technology industries make a perfect culture fit, as these individuals are ideal candidates due to their skillset, leadership capabilities, and their ability to take direction. Below, we have compiled a list of reasons why your business will benefit from veteran technology hiring.

Soft Skills

Hiring veterans for open technology positions benefits your business in many ways – the first of which are the soft skills these individuals harbor that stem from varying years of team morale and lifestyles where discipline, in its many forms, is everything.

Often, these individuals are goal-oriented, collaborative, cooperative, and in search of personal development. Veterans tend to be genuine leadership candidates and are well suited for high-stress leadership roles. Many times, you will find that in hiring a veteran, you hire someone who takes their work seriously, who embraces their own intuition, and makes well thought out decisions. Businesses flourish with the aid of those who take initiative, who ask questions, and those who are not afraid of pointing out mistakes in order to see “the whole” succeed.

Increasing Diversity And Inclusion

This hot topic – Diversity and Inclusion – has been something we’ve discussed previously. This is a subject of business that many corporations are looking to expand upon… and for good reason. It’s crucial for businesses to have diversity with their employees in order to assist with business growth, as each individual, when included, gets to input their personal skills. The more varying your employees’ backgrounds, the more potential for organic ideas. By hiring veterans for technology positions, you reap the reward of bringing in individuals whose backgrounds can help keep businesses up-to-date and even cut training time, and costs, due to their previous experiences.

Government Benefits

Another reason businesses in the technology industry should look to hire veterans is because of the varying benefits and incentives for business owners:

Veterans are able to take government-provided financial assistance, meaning accreditation opportunities and degree opportunities… this also translates to increasing your business’ talent pool.
The SEI Program (Special Employer Incentives) enables employers to hire qualified veteran trainees at an apprenticeship wage.
Employers are reimbursed for up to half of each veteran’s salary in order to cover certain supplies and equipment, instruction expenses, and any possible loss in production.
Tax incentives, such as WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit), Returning Heroes Tax Credit – *which provides up to $5,600 for each hired veteran, and the Wounded Warriors Tax Credit – *which provides up to $9,600 to employers who hired veterans that have disabilities related to their service in the armed forces.
* From Center For America’s: Federal Tax Benefits for Hiring and Employing Eligible Veterans, National Guard Members and Reservists

Hiring veterans for open tech positions within your business can be an easy call, as these individuals are relentless in achieving their goals as well as assisting with your business’ goals. Though, finding the perfect candidates to match these positions can seem overwhelming. That’s where Charsky Group comes in. With our professional recruitment team and superior staffing solutions, we tailor our results to surpass the expectations of our clients and candidates. We also pride ourselves as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that proudly upholds an environment that fulfills immediate needs and aids in the growth of companies that support veteran focus.

Contact a member of our recruitment team to learn more about the SDVOSB Credits that Charsky Group provides towards government contracting in order to assist in fulfilling corporate diversity!