Who’s Writing About Startups? Blockchain

You’re ready for epic media coverage. You’ve got big news brewing, you’re ready to startup fundraising, or you simply know you need to start early to build the type of relationships that generate impactful coverage.

That’s all great – you’re ahead of the curve. Especially if you’re thinking about this early, before you’re scrambling to “smile and dial” and cajole anyone who will listen into writing about your world-changing innovation.

But, where do you start? Which journalists and influencers matter? What beats do they cover? How do you even find them? How do you contact them?

You’re in luck. At Spry, we’ve seen back-to-back requests for precisely that information: which journalists and influencers cover the startup beat today?

So, we made the Complete Startup Media List available for instant download:

And, for good measure, we did the same for blockchain.

Access the Complete Blockchain Media List instantly:

Both lists feature the 60 most influential journalists, how to connect with each, the angles of their recent coverage, and much more.

Think of it as an instant blueprint for jump-starting the process of securing epic PR results.

But, the media landscape changes constantly – so these lists are only available for the next 2 weeks!

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