Welcome to ATC, Here!

We are Here to help those impacted by cancer lighten their load and lighten their mind.

There are over 17 million cancer survivors in United States, and according the the American Cancer Society’s 2022 annual report, there will be 1.9 million new diagnosis this year.

Cancer often changes everything. Yet, there is no centralized place for a patient, caregiver, or supporter to get information and help with everyday cancer needs. Here is changing that. Envision a smart, data-driven SaaS platform that personalizes (based on a person’s support network and diagnosis) their cancer journey incorporating access to HerePeer guides, just-in-time and trusted information, services, and products to address everyday cancer problems.


What we offer:
  • In-depth, personalized consultation
  • Individualized recommendations on products and services
  • Campaigns to fundraise against specific goals
  • Centralized updates to and from your core team
  • Streamlined tasks, forms, and appointments
  • Community support and peer guidance.


Our vision is a world in which the cancer journey can be embraced, acknowledged, and shared within an inclusive community that works together to get people affected by cancer what they need and provide them with ways to give back.

Here’s clients may reach out to us directly, be referred by a strategic partner, or be an employee of a company who has joined with platform in order to help employees who have cancer or who or caring for someone with cancer. Our clients may be anywhere in the United States.


We are headquartered in Austin, Texas, but have a remote first culture.