Virtual Roundtable: Navigating through a Pandemic from an HR Perspective w/ FAQs hosted by Insperity

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization formally declared COVID-19 as a pandemic, and although several countries have shown that this virus can be suppressed, additional spread is anticipated to continue for now. Conducting business in the wake of a global pandemic is an uncharted territory for many organizations and might seem overwhelming.

ATC’s March 26 Virtual Roundtable provided business leaders with some of the best practices guidance to prepare for managing your work environments during this uncertain time. Insperity experts also addressed some of the most frequently asked questions to help you strategize for some of the key business and HR considerations like business financial distresses, safety and preventive measures, and Discrimination/EEOC concerns that should be on employers’ radars at this point in the COVID-19 outbreak.

FAQs About Safety & Preventive Measures

FAQs About Discrimination/EEOC

FAQs About Financial Distress

Insperity’s Action Items

Key Takeaways for Audience Members

Audience Q&As

Special thanks to our expert Ammara Abedi, Project Manager / Research & Analysis, Insperity and Rachel Knight, Certified Business Performance Advisor, Insperity