Veteran Women in Technology Manufacturing

The technology industry is not the only field that is looking to close the gender gap witnessed so often in related careers. The manufacturing side of the technology industry is another area where there is a noticeable amount of female under-representation. This has led to women often being deterred from technology manufacturing careers. However, due to the shortage of women seen in these industries, those that are seeking a prospective career in the technology manufacturing industry have a decent advantage. This advantage doubles if you also happen to have a military background. Women with military experience have tremendous opportunities in the technology manufacturing industry, especially those with technical training. We’ve put together a list of reasons why technology manufacturing companies that are looking to fill open positions should branch out and bring in the skillsets of these ex-military women & the impact staffing veteran women can have.


Veteran women who have backgrounds in technology manufacturing not only have the technical, and mechanical, troubleshooting skills that are highlighted in many of these industry careers, but they also bring forth important soft skills. These ex-military women have already been immersed in a male-dominated atmosphere, so the prospect of facing an industry that consists of mostly men is less daunting. These women want to prove themselves. When you combine this drive with technical know-how, it’s easy to see how these veteran women will stand out in the labor market.

High Demand

The technology manufacturing industry needs more people. There’s a growing labor shortage within this field. This high demand is, in part, due to the upcoming retirement of the generation of Baby Boomers, but is also seen because technology manufacturing careers are expanding. So far, growth in the technology manufacturing industry has been pretty good, and coming along steadily – except for women. In fact, women currently only share about 27% of manufacturing employment, which is the lowest percentage since 1971. There is a noticeable scarcity of skilled tradespeople, so technology manufacturing companies should be looking into all avenues to bring inch prospective talent.

Diversity and Inclusion

We’ve touched on diversity and inclusion in a previous blog. Having diverse backgrounds represented in a company is one of the best ways a business can flourish. By seeking veteran women to fill open manufacturing technology positions, companies benefit greatly in this integral part of a company’s workforce.

Currently, there are only – really – a few of these women in the candidate pool, making many recruiters in the technology manufacturing world eager to bring them aboard. The future of women in the technology manufacturing industry depends a great deal on what career paths Millennials are choosing. By showcasing more women in technology manufacturing fields, we make technology manufacturing careers that much more appealing to women who, otherwise, would turn a blind eye to this industry.

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