UTA Joins American Association of State Colleges and Universities

Mildred Garcia, president of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), has welcomed the Technological University of Aguascalientes (UTA) to this group of U.S. higher education institutions so they can work together in regional development and global education.

UTA’S President, Guillermo Hernández-Duque, pointed out that AASCU has a wide perspective and experience in regional development, and UTA is positioned to set new strategies to propose public policies that will drive global economic mobility through its researches, professors, and students working in social priorities. UTA is the first Mexican university to join these 420 American universities and colleges, who work together for global instruction and regional development.

Hernández-Duque pointed out that through this academic cooperation, student mobility will be increased with the American partners, as well as with the Chinese, Japanese and French institutions that are also part of AASCU, thus improving professional development and research opportunities for Deans, professors and students.


AASCU is a Washington D.C. based association that joins together 420 higher education institutions in North America and Latin America. Its members share a learning centered culture, and student centered teaching for those students who have access challenges. It also contributes through research, innovation and creativity development, to the economic development of those regions where it is present. Hernandez-Duque explained that during this first meeting a strategic agenda was established for collaboration between AASCU members, and Mexico’s Technological and Polytechnical Universities Department (DGUTYP), as well as with those State Universities of Aguascalientes, México which are part of the Universidades al 100 program.


UTA’s community will help drive economic mobility.


The Association will focus on global instruction and regional development.