The Turnkey Way to Turn Heads and Build Your Brand

You’ve got a little something that warrants some publicity. Nothing big or earth-shattering, but something that might raise your profile and build your brand.

Unfortunately, your choices to get that publicity are slim: do it yourself, or find a long-term contract with an agency or freelancer. Neither is worthwhile for this bit of news.

So, you just skip it. In favor of getting other, more pressing stuff done.

That’s the situation one of Spry’s beta Startup Publicity Kit clients found themselves in. That is, until they tried our on-demand, one-stop-shop approach to turn heads.

All they had to do was answer a few quick questions, right from their phone. Then they got right back to running their business.

In the meantime, Spry’s expert workforce secured more than 200 media pickups, 80 million impressions, real long-term SEO value and the credibility of third-party media coverage.

It was revolutionary for them. It took such little effort on their part, yielded quick results, and best of all they didn’t have to sign any long-term contracts.

They simply got the publicity they deserve, at the moment they needed it.

With Spry, they got stuff done. And you can too.

Start by downloading the app, and let us get your stuff done.