The Role of Diversity: Inclusion in the Technology Industry

The topic of diversity and inclusion is a big one right now; catching the attention of many businesses, nationwide. But, what is driving this matter and what does it really mean for your business in the technology field? Besides having the highest impact on business performance, diversity and inclusion upholds abundant other descriptions, all of which translate into the achievement potential for many lucrative businesses.

To be a successful business, it is imperative that your company has the ability to attract and engage potential candidates that span from all ages, cultures, and backgrounds – going well beyond what many companies focus on with education and gender at the helm. The enforcement of diversity and inclusion should be witnessed in hiring, succession management, leadership development, performance management, learning, and holding business leaders accountable for inclusive behaviors and diversity results. While it is certainly important to note the expanded role women are now introducing to the technology industry, as a technology-based company, innovations backed by diversity and inclusion will come from many other aspects as well. In fact, a large number of today’s successful tech companies (…take Apple, for example) started with aspiring people of all ages, and of varying backgrounds, who all shared a professional, passionate view of accomplishment. These people were artists, musicians, engineers, and designers. Unfortunately, what we’re seeing a lot of in today’s businesses are companies that only focus on GPA scores, favorable college degrees, and lineage. This has been what ultimately influences the diversity challenges our technology industries are currently witnessing.

The technology field – a major industry that Austin, TX is contributing inventive ideas towards – is an incredibly dynamic force that thrives on innovation and advancement. It’s important for companies within the technology industry to note that upholding a working environment with inclusive cultures has positive marks with innovation… and high levels of innovation translates into faster growth of profits. Another important factor is that, according to an extensive sociological review, diverse teams drive 6% greater revenue, 15% more customer wins, and create significantly higher market share. In short – teams that work together better tend to innovate more and are able to come up with superior customer solutions.

So, who – exactly – should your business in the technology industry be targeting as potential candidates? Does it pay to focus on specific groups, such as millennials (who, “in 10 years… will comprise nearly 75% of the workforce”)? There is no set answer here, except that what your business should focus on is expanding your overall diversity and inclusion within the workplace in order to increase your company’s success and continue the technology field’s ongoing growth.

We at Charsky Group are experts in developing different talent pools that assist in the drive towards expanding diversity and inclusion for your business. We tailor our staffing solutions to suit your business needs through long-term strategies. Our focus is to help your company increase retention, lower training costs, and decrease operational downtime. Time moves quickly in the technology field, with new ideas expanding the horizons every day. Let Charsky Group assist you with the right candidate decisions that will serve to broaden your business potential! 

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