The Growing Relevance of the Bitcoin ATM: Texas Edition

Bitcoin is quickly becoming mainstream, and Bitcoin ATM Texas natives love to see is increasing in relevance. This year Bitcoin has already seen several momentous milestones that cryptocurrency experts hadn’t expected for years. Tesla’s 1.5 billion dollar purchase of Bitcoin in February caused other large corporations to follow suit. Now there is a significant push for more companies to accept Bitcoin. Now that more companies accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, it is essential to know what Bitcoin ATM Texas residents are using to purchase their Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining in Texas

Bitcoin is becoming more relevant to Texas natives and everyone else in the United States as the days go on. Argo Blockchain (ARB) is planning to purchase land in West Texas to begin mining Bitcoin. Though the company is a London-based cryptocurrency mining firm, they are happy to be expanding their mining horizons. CEO Peter Wall likes the Texas location because he believes that land is the cheapest renewable energy worldwide. The letter of intent to purchase the land was signed in February, and the data center will be constructed over the next 12 months.

Texas is a popular location for Bitcoin companies to set up shop because of the cheap electricity. Texas is a hotspot for innovation and technology, making it an incredibly enticing location for Bitcoin mining companies.

Texas Blockchain Council

Texas has also recently established its own Texas Blockchain Council. They are dedicated to promoting blockchain technology initiatives and making Texas a leader in blockchain technology. In January of this year, they began the process of using their technology to verify and secure government-issued records. The Texas Blockchain Council is working with Hyland and Hedera Hashgraph to get this process implemented by Texas’ Secretary of State. They have also already taken proof of the concept to the Secretary of State’s office and hope to get it implemented statewide.

The Bitcoin ATM Texas Residents Love

Pelicoin has 8 convenient, user-friendly Bitcoin ATM Texas locations that are open 24/7. Located in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, Pelicoin’s Bitcoin ATMs are Texas residents’ go-to regarding their Bitcoin needs. As Bitcoin becomes a more widely accepted form of payment and currency, it is crucial to have ATMs in safe places that are open when Texas residents need them. The locations of the best Bitcoin ATM Texas residents can’t get enough of are as follows:

Austin has 4 locations at 4300 Duval St., 4415 Manchaca Rd., 900 N Interstate Highway 35., and 4509 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

San Antonio has 4 locations at 5256 West Cevallos St.,2315 Harry Wurzbach Rd., 2726 Lockhill Selma Rd. and 2207 North Panam Expy.

Pelicoin has locations all over the Gulf South that are easy to use and easily accessible. If you have any trouble using the Bitcoin ATM Texas natives appreciate, you can always email us at or call 855-PELICOIN. These numbers are listed on all Pelicoin Bitcoin ATMs for your convenience. Purchase your Bitcoin with Pelicoin today!