Texans Support Faster Implementation of 5G Technology

Recent statewide polling research shows that a majority of Texas voters and Opinion Leaders support faster implementation of 5G networks in their cities to increase wireless connectivity and enhance public safety in their community.

Awareness and support of 5G is strong

54% of Texans are aware of 5G.

80 % of Texas Opinion Leaders support small cell technology and 5G in their community.

Public safety is a top priority

70% of Texans think 5G technology and increased wireless connectivity will improve public safety in their community through enhanced first responder and emergency response efforts and telemedicine access and efficiency.

Connectivity keeps businesses competitive

78% of Texans are highly-dependent on wireless connectivity to stay competitive in the workplace.

Texans support city and state action on 5G

78% of Texans support their city leadership taking faster action to implement 5G technology to increase wireless connectivity.

87% of Texas Opinion Leaders believe that keeping wireless infrastructure up-to-date is essential for keeping Texas competitive.


  • Small cells, the infrastructure that will deliver 5G, are small, low-powered antennas, often inconspicuously installed on existing right of way infrastructure, like street signs, utility poles, or streetlights, that transport data from your device to your wireless carrier’s network through lightning-fast fiber optic cable.
  • The wireless industry contributes $50.9 billion a year to the Texas economy.
  • Today, there are over 461,000 wireless-related jobs in Texas
  • 5G supports community safety-80% of 911 calls are placed from wireless phones.