Technology Across North America

This week’s episode of Austin Tech Connect talks about technology across North America.  In this episode Thom Singer sits down with leaders from technology councils across the United States and Canada.  When we think of growing tech hubs, do we think of Pittsburgh, Milwaulkee, Boise, New Brunswick, Nashville, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Portland?  We should. These are just a few of the communities that are brining their visionary leaders together to help grow their tech ecosystems.

The world of tech is going through some big changes, and the way a tech community looked ten years ago is not how they will look in the next decade. Remote work, changes in funding, AI, affordability, and many other issues will change the face of communities across the world. For a region to thrive there are many many things that leaders need to be talking about.  This is how community, collaboration, and conversations come into play.  Now is the time for Austin to begin looking to the next ten, twenty, and thirty years.  As technology across North America morphs, Austin will continue to lead in the years ahead.

The Austin Technology Council is seeking the most future oriented visionary leaders from our tech ecosystem. When we can engage and find ways to come together, the whole region will win for years to come.

Check out “Austin Tech Connect” for this collection of conversations with TECNA (Technology Councils of North America) members.  If you company wants to know more about the councils in other regions, reach out to ATC. We look help our members find relationship that will help them grow.

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