Technological University of Aguascalientes: 30 years forging a global development.

It’s been three decades since the Technological University of Aguascalientes (UTA) opened its doors in September 1991 aiming to create a new type of professionals with a global profile and first-class education.

From the start, UTA positioned itself as an educational alternative for young men and women to be trained on the most advanced scientific and technological breakthroughs being required by the national and regional productive sectors. Its value proposition among other institutions has resided in its academic framework of 70% pragmatic and 30% theoretical workload. This has allowed students, to join the job market in a faster way, due to their work experience.

This Institution in Aguascalientes was one of the first such Technological Universities in México. They were created based on an educative system borrowed from the French Higher Technological Institutes which allow the students to achieve a Higher College Technical degree, equivalent to the Associate Professional in some countries. These types of degrees in Mexico have the option of continuing to a BA or BS degree if so desired. Presently, UTA has an educational offering of 13 AP, 7 BS, and 4 BA degrees.

In a historical event for our University, it will start to present postgraduate degrees from January 2022, through the Mechanical Design Specialization, focusing on technological design and development for the medical, aeronautical, and automotive industries. Similarly, the Dual Instruction framework has been implemented as one of the most innovative strategies in education originated in the educational policies of the State government, led by Martin Orozco. This framework focuses on strengthening the classroom instruction with the pragmatical experiences at the industries and companies that have joined this effort.

UTA’s campus has evolved since its inception, thanks to a historical investment in upkeep and infrastructure maintenance, and with it the creation of new buildings and facilities that serve the students and researchers with global quality standards.
One of these facilities is the recently opened Center of Design, Development, and Innovation 4.0 (CICMA4) which addresses the demand for training and certification, applied research, and technological development in the State and surrounding region. Consulting, design, and innovation services help our local aeronautical, automotive, and medical industries grow and maintain a strong bond with our research center.

UTA will soon relaunch its AP degrees, given the importance, quality, and requirements of the local industries. The international exchange programs and also its Business Startup Center will continue to encourage the entrepreneurship spirit that is lived in this community.

Finally, this university’s President, Dr Guillermo Hernández-Duque, has said that: “Such as 30 years ago UTA was a breakthrough advancement in the creation of new professional profiles, today we are creating a breakthrough: Thanks to our relationships with many industries and companies, we are transitioning from Manufacturing to Design and Development, and Technology and Equipment generation, allowing ourselves to enter the Mindfacturing era”.