Technological University “El Retoño”

The Technological University El Retoño is the first BIS (Bilingual, International And Sustainable) technological university in our country founded in October 2012, it is a new alternative for higher education.

Our study plans operate in English – Spanish. Upon entry, students take an English language immersion course, which allows them to take some subjects in English from the first semester, taught by qualified, certified and postgraduate teaching staff.

We encourage our students to master other languages that allow them to expand their job opportunities and develop professionally in other countries.

At the university we promote values such as respect, tolerance and equality, and we implement permanent actions that minimize environmental impacts.

Mission: To train bilingual professionals at the university and engineering technical level with a global perspective, conscientious about environmental conservation and commitment to sustainable development.

Vision: To be a national and international benchmark of the model of international and sustainable bilingual universities (BIS) and to provide human capital with the global technical and social skills that the labor market demands from entrepreneurship projects to transnational companies.

Associate degrees
• Information Technologies, Development of Cross-platform Software area
• English Language Pedagogy
• Business development in the field of marketing.
• Human Capital Management.
• Digital Design Animation Area.
• Mechatronics Automation Area.
• Mechatronics Flexible manufacturing systems area.

Bachelor degrees
• Bachelor in Educational Administration and Curriculum Management.
• Bachelor in Human Capital Management
• Bachelor in Business and Marketing

Engineering degrees
• Mechatronics Engineering.
• Management and Software Development Engineering.

Information Technologies Educational Programs
Develop technological solutions for Web environments through the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, databases and local area networks that meet the needs of organizations.
Build software solutions and intelligent systems through project management, integration of methodologies, models and development tools under the applicable regulations for the optimization of research, innovation, technological development and entrepreneurship projects.

Technological services

Software Factory
Its main goal is to develop custom software for government, public institution and de private industry sector by students of the Information Technologies areas, developing solutions such as mobile applications and web applications.

Virtual Reality Center (VRC)
The use of immersive technologies has become one of the main technological trends in education. That is why the El Retoño Technological University seeks that both students and state companies are at the forefront of industry 4.0 technologies, in this case, virtual reality.
Our VR Center is a 500m² space, designed to be an attractive and personalized environment that aims to provide new learning opportunities to prepare our future professionals in the best way.

Certifications and Partnerships

Google Cloud
Partnered with Google Cloud Career Readiness Program students and teacher from de IT area can be certificated in:
• Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE)
• Data Analyst (DA)

Information and Communication Technologies Academy powered by Huawei where students and teacher from TI department are able to get certified and take conferences talk and course in different technologies.

INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY: for teachers and students
If you are a UTR student or teacher, you have a great the opportunity to carry out mobility periods for a semester or two in different foreign educational institutions, through the different student mobility programs.
We have agreements with institutions in: USA, Germany, France and Canada.

Professional internships
Its purpose is that the student put into practice the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during their university stay and that the company where the student is located obtain full-time support without generating work obligations. There are agreements between the industry and the university, that is, we work in partnership to meet the needs of the labor sector.

Lines of investigation
-Development of organization and entrepreneurship.
-Virtual reality, education, technologies and their impact on profitability

Carretera a San Luis Potosí km. 68, Comunidad El Retoño, 20337, El Retoño, Aguascalientes, Mexico.
Tel: +52 1 449 500 04 10