Software Monetization Best Practices: Lifecycle Methodology And Implementation Plan

Outlined are the most important principles and critical components of an effective software licensing and monetization program to successfully respond to today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

The white paper below will describe the proven Software Monetization Best Practices Lifecycle Methodology which Gemalto has developed that helps product managers and their corporate executives operationalize and integrate their software licensing operations into their ongoing business to generate greater customer intimacy, improve product quality, and drive greater operating efficiency.

The advent of the Cloud, rapid adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) are fundamentally reshaping how software is developed, acquired and utilized. In response to these trends, software product managers and their corporate executives must rethink how they package, price and protect their software licenses. They must adopt new Cloud-based software monetization portals that can be utilized by their customers, channel partners and employees alike to keep pace with the constantly changing market demands. The portals and platforms which support them must also integrate effectively with established back-office systems and a new generation of Cloud-based alternatives.

This white paper will also describe a useful Software Monetization Best Practices Scorecard that can help software product managers and corporate executives to determine if they are ready to respond to these new challenges and capitalize on today’s market opportunities.

The Scorecard Gemalto has created, with the help of THINKstrategies, is based on the consulting framework Gemalto uses when it works with clients. The Scorecard also captures the best practices which Gemalto has witnessed during thousands of client engagements.

The purpose of the Software Monetization Best Practices Scorecard is to help product managers determine the right software licensing and monetization policies, procedures and technologies they should put in place to achieve their business objectives.