Resources from Google to Help You Stay Informed and Connected

Resources from Google to Help You Stay Informed and Connected

We know how quickly information is changing when it comes to COVID-19 and how important it is to be able to easily find useful, trusted, organized and authoritative information. This week, working with relevant agencies, Google launched a nationwide website in the United States — available at — and expanded the Google search experience for COVID-19 information.

The website features links to Texas-based resources, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and further resources for individuals, educators and businesses.

New Search Experience

To keep people as informed as possible, we have updated the COVID-19 Search capability. The new format will make it easier to find information as it becomes available.

The new experience links to national and local authorities and Twitter pages of local civic and health organizations. A new feature will highlight some of the most common questions about the pandemic, with relevant information sourced from the WHO and the CDC. Additionally, people who look for urgent care, hospitals and other medical services on Google Search or Maps will receive an alert reminding them of the CDC’s recommendation that symptomatic individuals call ahead to avoid overwhelming the health systems and increasing exposure. The experience will continue to expand over time and be introduced in more languages.

Resources for Small Businesses

We are also providing resources for small businesses during this difficult time. For businesses with a Business Profile on Google, you can change your hours of operation and provide further updates to your customers. To communicate with your employees, you can store contact information online to make it more accessible from any device. If you need to pause or modify your advertising campaign, you can find support here.

Other Helpful Resources

Google has also rolled out additional resources to keep the public informed, students learning, and people working. Please feel free to share relevant information with those who may need it:
– SOS Alerts with state resources: Google continues to develop new resources to connect users to helpful information and resources. This includes an expansion of our COVID-19 SOS Alerts, which now include information from state health authorities.
– “Do the Five” Campaign: In the US, Google launched a “Do the Five” campaign on the homepage to remind people to follow five simple practices to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
– Helping educators and students stay connected: Google launched Teach from Home, a central hub of information, tips, training and tools from across Google for Education to help teachers keep teaching, even when they aren’t in the classroom. Google’s Distance Learning Hub provides free resources and strategies for engaging students when schools are closed, including a collection of training materials.
– Travel advisories and information: When searching for travel information in Google Search, you can now find up-to-date information on travel advisories from countries around the world as well as flight cancellation information and new airline policies.

We hope these tools and resources are helpful for you to find the information you need as we work together to bring our communities through this crisis.

Stay Home Together,