New Member Spotlight: Element Finance

Element Finance is a boutique growth finance company that invests in and lends to SaaS and recurring revenue companies.
Our mission is to help founders bridge the SaaS funding gap through revenue-based finance and fixed-term loans. Our straightforward options are customized to the needs of the business with no hidden terms and conditions, board seats, personal guarantees, or equity.
Element Finance is led by seasoned SaaS operators and General Partners: Lew Moorman, former President of Rackspace; entrepreneur Ed Byrne; and John Gallagher, CEO and Partner.The management team has a proven track record of guiding founders, such as Athletic Greens, Mural, and Chargify, through their challenges when they needed flexible finance options to grow without dilution.
We believe SaaS finance should be straightforward and tailored to the needs of a business. Our clients leverage our growth finance for bolt-on acquisitions, bridge loans, refinance of existing debt, market expansion, and investment in sales, marketing, and product resources.
We recently announced the raise of our second fund, with access to over $40M. These funds allow us to provide finance solutions to high-quality companies that need a capital partner for the long term and can benefit from debt finance instead of dilutive equity raises.
We can lend up to $10M to recurring-revenue-based companies with $1m or more in ARR that have a good plan, a track record for growth, low customer concentration and churn, and a clean balance sheet.
We are excited to join the ATC community to learn from and interact with industry experts and share our insight and resources with any fast-growing company navigating the challenges of funding growth.
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