New Member Highlight: SeekOps

SeekOps has recently moved across Austin from the lovely views of Pennybacker Bridge to a new location in Sheldon Cove, where its engineering and operations teams are refining their state-of-the-art part-per-billion sensitive, low-power and lightweight greenhouse gas emissions sensor for a broader range of industrial detection, localization, and quantification applications.

At this location we also have a flight test, training and research center, where we can train top tier industrial drone service providers (DSPs) to effectively deliver our emissions monitoring solutions globally. We have ongoing and upcoming jobs in the U.S., Canada, Argentina, the Middle East, and Australia. At this location we are also continuing to develop enhanced automation solutions to offer even more cost-effective solutions to our customers, the oil and gas operators — from supermajors to the smallest independents — as they embark on their decarbonization efforts and the path to net zero.

We are growing and deploying our sensor technology via unmanned aerial systems into a wider range of industrial applications. In addition to our presence in onshore and offshore oil and gas, we have been monitoring landfill sites, as well as the new biogas and biomethane production sites that you will see springing up over the country, adjacent to livestock and dairy farms. Indeed, with 15,000 biogas sites in Europe and 2200 and growing in the U.S., there are no shortage of opportunities to ascertain accurate methane levels from these facilities, and enable prompt and effective repair of leaks of all sizes, including the insidious hard to find small ones.

We are looking forward to engaging with the Austin technology and investment community (we recently closed an all-strategic Series B round), and leveraging the talent at great schools in the region as we have exciting job opportunities for software engineers, in addition to mechanical and electrical engineers.

Come fly around the world with us, and help us make it a cleaner place!