New Member Highlight: Refinition

Tell us a little about your company:

Founded in 2016 by pioneers and innovators in the physical and digital landscape, Refinition has one mission — to provide businesses with a better solution to build their data independence void of the walled gardens of big tech, empowering them to understand and build relationships with real people.

We are empowering both brands and companies to eliminate the inefficiencies of the ever-evolving digital space and not rely on the success of their business based on algorithm changes of Google, Apple, Facebook, Retail Media networks, and more.

What do you do?

The path to purchase is no longer a straight line — people are online and offline at physical locations. Our omni-channel approach for clients and customers empowers them to reach real and relevant audiences at multiple touch-points on the customer journey.

Who do you serve?

We’re the secret a lot of clients use but never talk about. We collaborate and build solutions for a range of organizations, including small business operators to Fortune 100 clients, including: Automotive OEM’s, U.S. government agencies, grocers, retailers, financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, publishers, CPG, agencies, consultancies and more.

What do you wish more people knew about your company?

First and foremost, working in the data space means you need to work with ethical, partners. There are many bad actors in the data space. We evangelize best practices and compliance both for our clients and ourselves.

We wish we had a megaphone to emphasize to companies that you don’t need to constantly course correct based on what is transpiring in the digital space, or feel usurped by retailers online and offline — we can provide you with the insights and audiences to fuel your market research and marketing today.

What goals does your company or its leadership have for the next year?

We want to continue to learn, collaborate, and  help businesses with their audiences for insights, scaling, and growth — hopefully, meeting as many people as possible to partner and improve their bottom lines.

What are you most looking forward to as a member of ATC?

We are most looking forward to becoming acquainted with the members in the organization and working together in lock-step to support each other’s business objectives and goals.