New Member Highlight | Gobierno del Estado de Aguascalientes

The one stop-shop to ensure your success in the Central Mexico Region.
Aguascalientes belongs to the “Bajío Region”, the most important development pole of Mexico, where the most influent IT cluster of the country is located. Nevertheless, Aguascalientes share’s the same time zone with Texas, this facilitates and enables more efficient communications and logistics.
We benefit from a demographic bonus of 25-years-old average age. We are one of the most educated States in Mexico, given its ease of entry and wide offering of Technical and University Schools. We have one of the largest ratios of University graduates in the Country, from which 35% of the students are enrolled in STEM careers. Finally, our state owns investment grade by both Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings.
The Economic Development Ministry of Aguascalientes is responsible for the promotion, attraction and facilitation of productive foreign direct investment (FDI) into Aguascalientes.
We help international companies establish and build their business in Aguascalientes, Mexico.
We understand the challenges of investing. We seek to provide the information required to make good investment decisions and to provide a coordinated approach that saves investors time and money.
This is what we provide:
  • Initial contact for all investment inquiries and assistance
  • Information regarding the business and regulatory environment
  • Identification of suitable investment locations and partners
  • Connecting international investors to government programs
  • AGS Softlanding Index
  • AGX – Aguascalientes Exportador
  • Industrial Development Department
Accessing Aguascalientes’s investment services
  • Aguascalientes investment services are free of charge and are focused on productive foreign direct investment (FDI) and joint ventures and partnerships with our local IT Ecosystem for Nearshoring.
For more information on Aguascalientes investment services speak to one of our Investment Specialists.