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As companies grow from small businesses into mid-size businesses, their businesses grow more complex. QuickBooks, while it works well for small businesses to operate like “checkbook accounting,” doesn’t serve the needs of businesses that are larger than $10+ million annual revenue. When you have revenue recognition rules (common in tech/software companies), multiple entities, multiple locations, need inventory controls, or want to classify transactions with greater detail to get better reporting, QB falls short. For that, mid-market accounting software/ERP systems shine! Most private equity companies will immediately invest in a mid-market accounting software immediately upon purchasing a small business, because they want enhanced reporting capabilities and better controls.

Express Information Systems and our 16 full-time employees have been serving Central Texas clients for over 30 years, including high-profile Austin-area clients such as Asure Software, Texas Stars Hockey, Livestrong Foundation, Meadows, The Long Center, State Bar of Texas, and others get better control of their accounting data and turn it into useful information for leaders to make data-driven decisions! Some notable San Antonio clients include San Antonio Spurs, Silver Ventures, and Rico’s Food Products.

We are a President’s Club partner to SageIntacct and a Gold Partner to Microsoft so we have multiple platform options available. We are not a “one-trick pony.” We also have in-house development resources that are focused on integrating multiple systems together in order to eliminate manual data entry, data duplication, and managing multiple “systems of record.”

Our primary focus is creating a customer experience for life, because most companies, once they make an accounting software/ERP decision, will live with it for 10-20 years. For us, it’s all about Return-On-Investment for our client. We know that if we can provide month-end close in 5 days or less, provide real-time dashboards for all operational leaders to see their data, and develop real operating budgets for businesses, we can boost Net Profit by 1-3%. Through transparency and visibility with an ERP system, we can also identify other operational bottlenecks and help eliminate them, such as a construction client that we helped to speed up their estimating department in turning out bids, which resulted in top-line revenue growth of over $1 million annually.

We are headquartered in San Antonio but are in Austin frequently, for both work and play. We are your neighbor next door and we will make ourselves available to take care of you! To learn more, please email Tim at or call his mobile 210-632-4571. You’ll get an immediate response because the most fun thing we do is take care of clients like you!