NEW: ATC Ambassador Program

The Austin Technology Council has created the "Ambassador Program" for the most engaged solution provider companies.

The Austin Technology Council Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for leaders from our solution provider companies to play an instrumental role in shaping the future of Austin’s tech industry and the direction of ATC.

Limited to an exclusive group of just 24 individuals, this program enables organizations sponsoring ATC events at a minimum level to nominate one or two representatives to become Ambassadors. These Ambassadors are the new liaisons to our community, tasked with fostering connections, collaboration, and growth within the tech ecosystem.

As an Ambassador, you will gain unparalleled access to the inner workings of the tech community through quarterly meetings that are exclusive to members of the Ambassador Program. These gatherings serve as a platform for sharing insights, discussing industry trends, and shaping the agenda for ATC’s initiatives. Ambassadors are empowered to use their status in this elite group to highlight their support of ATC and the broader tech community, enhancing their personal brand and the visibility of their companies.

Moreover, Ambassadors have a critical mission: to engage with leaders across the tech landscape, gathering intelligence on the challenges and opportunities they face. This direct line of communication allows Ambassadors to bring valuable feedback to the ATC Board of Directors, ensuring that our strategies and services are finely tuned to meet the evolving needs of the community. By contributing to this dialogue, Ambassadors help ATC to anticipate the future direction of Austin’s tech sector and to design initiatives that drive meaningful progress.

Joining the Ambassador Program means more than just representing your company; it means becoming a pivotal force for innovation and connection in one of the most dynamic tech communities in the world. You’ll not only enhance your professional development and network but also contribute significantly to the collective success of Austin’s technology ecosystem. This is your chance to make an impact, to learn from the forefront of industry developments, and to ensure that ATC remains at the cutting edge of supporting our tech community.