Networking In Tech

Networking In TechIn the interconnected world we live in today, the art of networking has evolved significantly. Yet, one principle remains the same: people are pivotal. I believe that all opportunities come from people. Networking, in its truest form, revolves around creating and nurturing relationships. In our digital age, this principle has become more critical than ever.

Networking In Tech In New Era

Here’s how I view and adapt to the new era of networking. Technological advancements have introduced us to platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Threads, and other social networking spaces. However, it’s essential to remember that these platforms are tools to assist us, not the ultimate destination. They can create avenues for us, but the value lies in the personal, meaningful connections we make.

In every interaction, whether online or offline, I see it as an opportunity to build a relationship. It’s crucial that these connections are genuine and sincere. Seeing people as individuals and not just as their job titles is a key approach. When you treat people with respect and display genuine interest in their lives, it can significantly enhance the relationship.

Also, networking isn’t just about what you can gain; it’s also about what you can give back. I believe it’s not just about who you know or who knows you, but who is aware of your abilities and what you do. Striving to provide value in your interactions, offering help or sharing knowledge where you can, not only strengthens relationships but also fosters an environment of reciprocity.

Finally, networking isn’t a race to collect the most business cards or followers; it’s about fostering authentic relationships. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game, especially on social media platforms. However, I always prioritize quality over quantity. A smaller, tightly-knit network of mutual respect and support can prove far more valuable than a vast network of superficial connections.

Successful networking in today’s world requires a harmonious blend of leveraging technology and timeless interpersonal skills. As I navigate through the evolving networking landscape, I always remind myself of the human element that lies at the heart of all meaningful connections. After all, every opportunity comes from people.

Support the ATC Community

As a “Networking Speaker” I have presented to hundreds of associations, the best ones are lead by the members of their community. The Austin Technology Council is actively working to help re-create real networking in our tech ecosystem.  We have no agenda to promote, and no “owner”.  I am here for a short time in the role of CEO, but the community is YOURS.  We keep hearing from people they want more community, but most are asking the wrong question. In our current world there are too many asking “What’s in it for me?”.  The best are saying “How can I give”. One tech entrepreneur told me…. the real engineers and entrepreneurs will want to fix a situation.  We need “fixers”… is that you?

Thom Singer

CEO – Austin Technology Council