Nearshore Outsourcing Technology: 5 benefits you needed yesterday

As you may know, there are many benefits of outsourcing your technology development. You may need additional resources, a specific skill, or coding language, and you need it now.
This article examines the benefits of nearshoring your software and IT development.
Read on to learn about cost savings and reduced traveling times. And how language & culture isn’t a barrier when you choose the right team.

What Is Nearshore Outsourcing?
Technology outsourcing means hiring a third-party to work on your tech projects. That includes cloud computing, building apps, cybersecurity, and software development.
There are three recognized types of outsourcing:
1. Onshore outsourcing – hiring companies based within the US
2. Offshore outsourcing – using a team in a different continent
3. Nearshore outsourcing – hiring a technology provider that’s geographically close to the US

Nearshore is often seen as the best solution and to explain why we’ve outlined 5 benefits below. We’ve used Mexico as the perfect example of a country that offers excellent nearshore development.

1. Cost Savings
Android developers in the US have an average salary of $92k per year. In contrast, qualified developers in Guadalajara, Mexico earn $45k.
The cost of living is relatively less expensive in Latin American countries too. Combine that with reduced overhead and the result is massive savings being passed on to you, the client.

2. No Time Zone Restrictions
Mexican Pacific Standard Time works one hour ahead of Pacific Standard Time. That means when you need to contact your outsourcing team they’re always available.
The same can’t be said of hiring someone from a different continent.
With nearshore, you don’t have the hassle of waiting for things to get done due to time differences.

3. Quality Software Development
A report by CodersLink highlighted why Mexican developers are topping the list for outsourcing teams.
The Mexican government continues to pour millions into technological development programs. Each aims to attract US investment by providing a highly skilled labor force that offers quality IT / technology development.

4. Reduced Travelling
One benefit of onshore outsourcing is the ability to hop on a plane for a face-to-face meeting. That also applies to nearshore outsourcing.
For example, a flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Aguascalientes International Airport averages $220. There are similar cultural affinities and flight times average 3 hours.
That wouldn’t be possible if you needed to travel to India or Estonia.

5. Wealth of Available Talent
Mexico’s qualified workforce has grown x3 faster than the US. The outcome is a wealth of talent that is immediately available to take on any type and size of a project.
Axer Strategies works in partnership with nearshore technology agency DigitalHype in the Aguascalientes.
Both agencies are bi-lingual, which means being fluent in English and Spanish, and bi-cultural. Axer Strategies is also lead by Mexican American Marketers. This allows the group to service a consumer in language and in culture.

Outsource Your Technology With Axer Strategies
Nearshore outsourcing is the best option to outsource your technology projects.
You’ll see major cost savings and get access to a diverse pool of available talent. There aren’t the hassles of different time zones and traveling for an in-person visit is a viable option.
Use trusted Mexican partners Digitalhype who will blow you away with the quality and value they bring to the table.
Contact us to discuss your requirements. Then take advantage of the benefits you needed yesterday with nearshore outsourcing.