Metropolitana in the Technical Field: A Solid Promise

Who are we?

Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana de Aguascalientes belongs to BIS Universities, part of Technology and Polytechnics Direction DGUTyP, meaning Bilingual, International and Sustainable 30 year old model.

We are innovative institutions whose educational model accepts the challenge of raising the country’s competitiveness and social mobility.

At Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana de Aguascalientes UTMA, educational quality is conceived as a comprehensive and systematic way and includes all programs and processes, both administrative and academic, and intertwine the planning of each element contributing
to the achievement of institutional objectives.

UTMA’s BIS model seeks not only to integrate them into the academic role, but also to maintain a strong link with the productive sector and involve them in a global environment, promoting quality education for Mexican students; this improves knowledge by its pragmatic and effective character, thus fulfilling our objectives and institutional mission.

Quality Policy

At Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana de Aguascalientes, we are committed to fully train competent and bilingual top-level professionals, with a sustainable focus on careers relevant to the productive, technological and social sector based on the continuous improvement of their processes and the Quality Management System, complying with the applicable requirements.

Quality objectives

1. Provide a comprehensive educational service for the development of students’ competencies during the process of Learning.
2. Achieve the satisfaction of the productive, technological and from competent graduates and social services quality.
3. Develop the academic capacity and competitiveness facilitate the Teaching – Learning process.

I.T. Information Technologies and Multiplatform Software Development
In 2019 the Information Technologies Program, in the Cross-Platform Software Development field was born, however, more than a year ago, with no little effort, time and work .

Our first achievement, months after starting quarter wise we managed to participate in the Aguascalientes 2019 Hackaton “Smart mobility, cities summits”, registering two teams of newly entered students one of whom managed to rank in the top 10 of the competition.

This contest was the trigger in the region, as we managed to establish the alliance between Grupo Telecom México and our University. Through one of its subsidiaries, in 2020 we managed to build the first 10Giga Zone, more than 6.5 km of fiber optics, creating a dedicated link to our new campus in Villas de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. That turned UTMA into the only one institution offering an international level of connectivity not only in the state of Aguascalientes, but in the Centro-Bajío Region and unique nationally in the DGUTyP.

GTM-10 Gbps

As said above, now we are spearhead in connectivity and internet speed. In addition, we have top-notch infrastructure. More than 250 solar panels feed our two buildings and equipment, reducing emissions and the amount of energy demanded by direct line by more than 90%. All this monitored 24/7 connected to our powerful network. It also allows us to connect the more than 50 IP cameras, intelligent lighting, air conditioning and VoIP connection.

UT Metropolitana bears four IT laboratories of which, 2 are used for software development, one for languages and one more that is being equipped for our Virtual Reality project ; this is part of our positioning, since in addition to being a center for simulation and training in the Virtual Reality grounds, it will become a development center, supported by the alliance of our entrepreneur friends and the brand-new software incubator that is being started just in May of this year.

Our faculty is formed by a large group of trained professionals in several technological areas; some bare doctorate degrees in Science and Artificial Intelligence and other hold Masters degrees, in several specialties such as Networks, Computer Science, Education and Technological software and languages.

Students are our core, so they are involved in all projects; the opening of the E-Sports selection will give us the opportunity of internationalization of both technological and sports areas, adapting to the new global trends.

Finally, the key project of this quarter, “Practical School” means bringing companies into our university, giving 6th quarter students the chance to be immersed in current software companies, with real life projects, with current infrastructure and development environments. Being supported by several important companies and taking profit of the synergy created, in collaboration with them, we currently teach assignments of curriculum content developing soft and hard required skills , with a practical and up-to-date scope, in order to meet the labor market demands.

Our I.T. UTMA Program is proud to have built solid basement, and set high standards for the generations to come; our Software Development School and its qualified teachers and staff has granted de institution the proper environment for entrepreneurship spirited students eager to achieve success.