Mathematics Research Center, A.C. (CIMAT): Understand, model and build the world through mathematical sciences

CIMAT is a public research center within the CONACyT’s public center system, dedicated to the generation, transmission and application of specialized scientific knowledge, with the highest international academic standards.

CIMAT’s three main research areas:
• Pure Mathematics
• Probability and Statistics
• Computer science

Most of CIMAT’s researchers (80%) in the three areas of research are members of the National Researchers System (SNI) of CONACYT.

There are branches in the cities of Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Monterrey, Mérida and Zacatecas.

CIMAT has a High Performance Computing (HPC) network made up of:
• 27 servers located in the Data Center
• 63 servers for the supercomputing clusters in Guanajuato City and Puerto Interior.
• 40 servers for research, software development and services.

We have the ability to do parallel computing for the processing of high volumes of information at a distance.

Human Resources Training

CIMAT offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. The research-oriented programs, at Master’s and Doctorate level (accredited by the National Quality Postgraduate Program (PNPC) at the International level of competence) are the following:

• Basic mathematics
• Applied mathematics
• Probability and statistics
• Computer science

Master and Professional specialty programs are offered in the branches of Aguascalientes, Monterrey and Zacatecas, which are:
• Specialty in Statistical Methods, in-person and remotely (Aguascalientes)
• Process Modeling and Optimization (Aguascalientes)
• Software Engineering (Zacatecas)
• Computational Statistics (Monterrey)

Currently, about 230 students are enrolled in CIMAT’s programs.
The quality of these postgraduate courses at CIMAT has been internationally projected, whose 25% of the students are from abroad.

Disclosure of The science

At CIMAT, activities aimed at young people and children are carried out with which we help to demonstrate that the easy, useful and exciting science of what we think with the help of origami figures, soap bubbles, puzzles, kaleidoscope, and simple programming languages, among other resources.

Disclosure activities:
• Guided visits to CIMAT headquarters.
• Conferences.
• Structured workshops.
• Extended workshops.

Technology Solutions and Innovation for Industry and the Public Sector
CIMAT contributes to the development of the public, private and social sectors by developing applied research projects, technical and consulting services, the delivery of training programs, and the dissemination and dissemination of mathematics.

We collaborate on projects with different types of companies, educational institutions, and economic agents from the public, private and academic sectors. These projects are developed under different lines of work in which knowledge, techniques, and tools are applied that have managed to have a strategic, economic, national, and even international impact.

Business lines

• Spatial statistics
• Inferential Statistics
• Forecast models as a source of information
• Industrial Statistics
• Time series modeling
• Statistical and Econometric Modeling
• Design of Experiments
• Biostatistics
• Finance
• Time series
• Projections
• Forecasts
• Spatial statistics
• Reliability
• Extreme values
• Metrology

• Data mining
• Data exploitation and analytics; predictive and prescriptive
• Systems and infrastructure, data capture and cleaning
• Consulting and analytics strategies
• Technical architecture
• Visual analytics; deployment, visualization and monitoring

• Robotics
• Automation and Control
• Artificial Intelligence
• Scientific Computing
• High Performance Computing (HPC) managed services
• Signals Processing
• Computer Vision
• Machine Learning
• Natural Language Processing (NLP)
• Movement Planning
• Robotic Perception
• Evolutionary Algorithms

• Optimization
• Inverse Problems
• Modeling
• Simulation
• Parameters Estimation
• Topology
• Mathematical Methods in materials sciences

Why working with CIMAT?

We help our clients to generate value through our solutions, ranging from the characterization of the problem to implementing and monitoring the solution.

Our technical and research staff are highly specialized in applied and theoretical state-of-the-art techniques in mathematics, probability and statistics, and computer science. Most of our researchers belong to the National Researchers System (SNI), and some of our technologists have certifications in various areas. This allows us to develop unique solutions tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

The results of our interventions have not only represented improvements in competitive advantages but also have provided strategic information transferable to tactics and operations, reflected results in strategic indicators such as profit margin, productivity improvement through process optimization. Various national and international institutions have awarded some projects that we have carried out with clients.

Contact information:
Ma. Antonieta Zuloaga-Garmendia, PhD

Martín Torres-Muñoz, EME
Mobile: +52 (449) 115 2471

Office phone +52 (449) 918 5061