Kick off the New Year With Employee Activity Challenges that Work

If you have 5 employees or 50,000 employees, an attractive culture matters. You know your organization’s “culture” – including boasting a healthy workforce – plays a vital role in hiring and retaining excellent employees, especially for millennials.

Employee health activity challenges can play a positive role in establishing a culture that

  • communicates you care
  • connects employees
  • increases health and well-being
  • positively impacts the bottom line

But when it comes to employee activity challenges, does this sound familiar?

We struggle with what to offer. Unfortunately, challenge events seem to primarily bring out those who are already fit vs. engage those who most need it.

That is why HealthCode recommends designing employee activity challenges based on completing personal achievable mileage goals, versus who does the most. Let employees set their own goal based upon their capabilities.

For example, establish a challenge where employees who accomplish “X” miles receive special recognition. Recognize department(s) with the highest percentage of employees who achieve say 20 miles.

Design employee activity events to be simple, fun and inclusive for all employees; delivering metrics for recognition, evaluation and reporting.

Need some help?

HealthCode’s quarterly virtual activity events are turnkey, fun and simple to administer. Supporting employees locally and globally, full-time and part-time.

Click here for info, including a video, event implementation materials and sign up form.

January’s iResolve.

iResolve. is underway. Yet with four weeks to go, there is still plenty of time to participate. Especially as participants can enter all activity accomplished as of January 1st, including their polar day swim.

Or start planning for April’s Million Mile Month.

Feel free to call with any questions and wishing you great success in 2019!

Steve Amos
Founder, Executive Director