“Keep Austin Weird”…and Tech Friendly!

Technology enthusiasts from all around the country are headed toward Texas. Even big name businesses are making moves to establish themselves there. Why so much interest? Well, it’s in part because Texas provides diversity – both culturally and geographically.

Austin, the state’s capital, is the hub. The energy emanating from this city has certainly captured the attention of the audience it has needed; those who bring youthful innovation and forward-thinking.

“Keep Austin Weird!” is at the forefront of a number of business start-ups and drives the creative culture that boasts Austin’s growth and development. Technology companies have been rewarded by this, as new, fresh-faced and wide-eyed candidates travel to this city with grandiose ideas and modernizations.

Tech Start-Ups
We’ve previously discussed Austin’s top rankings in the Technology Industry. Austin harbors big businesses (Dell, Samsung, AMD, etc.) but also heavily embraces start-up companies. Because of this, Austin, TX serves as one of the top cities for job creation in the tech field. Innovation doesn’t spring from only the big names.

There are teams devoted to keeping the progressive, the contemporary, and the avant-garde going. Built In Austin and SXSW are “must-knows” that devote resources to bringing together founders, funders, and philanthropists. Keeping Austin Weird means having these opportunities available in order to keep up with tomorrow’s trends. By focusing on US-based advancements, Austin has become the birthplace for some of our nation’s technological solutions.

A Business-Friendly City
As if all this start-up support wasn’t enough, Austin also stands out for tech companies because the state of Texas charges no individual or corporate income taxes. Being so pro-business has worked well for this state, and Texas has not held back on awarding yearly monetary incentives to allocate job creation and get other non-Texas based companies relocated to the state.

Austin’s economy makes it far easier to build a life in this wildly weird city – especially when compared to sky-high costs associated with Silicon Valley. Add this with a prime location, and you have a sure win. Since Austin is situated neatly between other major business hubs (New York City and San Francisco), this makes business travel far easier.

To keep Austin weird, it’s imperative to keep things moving… Technology businesses based here are a large foundation of what this city is built upon.

Celebrating Innovation
While all these technological and business advancements are fundamental, keeping Austin weird also means reaping the benefits of modernization. Working hard means playing hard, too, and Austin is no stranger to fun.

Even though it’s highly unlikely that Austin will take over and become the “New Silicon Valley”, it’s also fairly safe to say that this city doesn’t need to. Austin is steadily creating its own strong identity and it’s these very differences that make it such smart city to do business.

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