Is Data Breach a Cyber Crime?

Cybersecurity needs to be at the forefront as we ‘enjoy’ internet or utilize technology for our benefit…yet only 20% of small businesses even stop to consider their cyber posture and cyber insurance to manage and mitigate the ‘internet’ risks!  

No wonder hackers are prone to target small businesses. 

Data breach IS a cyber crime!

When our property has been broken into, we rely on our insurance to help us thru the process of recovery.  When it comes to digital theft – the term data breach is utilized to identify that sensitive data, such as, name, email, social security number, etc. has been stolen or taken away from a digital system. Theft of credit card info is also identified as data breach peril. 

There are many regulations, fines, and processes to follow after data breach occurs.  Cyber policy can help mitigate those financial risks so should you become a victim of cyber crime and your system has been breached, you have the support you need. 

Don’t make cyber attack your last business transaction.   Be smart and plan to mitigate your data breach and ransomware among other cyber attack risks.

An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure! 

Don’t wait…mitigate!!!