Introducing ATC’s Newest Member: Dev10—Tech Talent Delivered

The unemployment rate for tech occupations remains at a very low 1.5%. Hovering at low levels for a number of years, tech unemployment — and the lack of qualified tech talent — hinders innovation and can have an impact on profitability for many companies.

Through Dev10, our junior developer training program, we are creating net new tech talent where otherwise it did not exist.

Dev10 cultivates top performing U.S. tech talent to drive competitive advantage. Through highly selective recruitment and intensive training, Dev10 reskills high-caliber, local professionals to become tomorrow’s top tech talent.

Upon completion of training, Dev10 Associates are placed on contract and contract-to-hire assignments with exceptional companies.

Dev10 Delivers:

  • Exclusive access to new pipeline of tech talent — trained on the latest technologies and approaches
  • Exceptional talent — high caliber, business-oriented tech professionals and industry-leading diversity
  • Next-generation IT workforce — scalable contract-to-hire model enables clients to fill one position or 100.

Everything in business can be copied, except talent.

Important Program Metrics:

  • Our selection process produces high-quality graduates — just 5% of candidates who apply are selected for the training
  • Our talent pool comes from a mix of backgrounds and experiences — 50% are new college graduates and 50% are changing careers
  • Because we cast a wider net, 54% of program graduates identify with diversity groups
  • Our retention rate is higher than industry averages — 96% after 12 months. And 98% of Dev10 Associates convert to client permanent employment.

Intensive Training:

Dev10 Associates receive 14 weeks of classroom training, with tracks focusing on such technologies as Full-Stack Java with Cloud Technologies like AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes, .Net and Data Engineering with Python, databricks and Kafka. That’s 750+ hours of study and hands-on training.

  • Instructor led using a flipped classroom
  • Simulates real-world work environment
  • Includes a capstone project

What Our Clients Say:

“The Dev10 team is open and transparent. They do a great job filtering their candidates, resulting in a high rate of successful hires.”—IT Services and Consulting Company

“…The people they provide have a higher level of business acumen than traditional comp sci people of their experience level.” –Financial Services Company

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