How To Build High Performing Tech Teams

Right now, those who work in roles related to IT or technology are in an extremely enviable position. With such professionals able to pick and choose their next role, this candidate led market is creating some considerable challenges for would-be employers hoping to attract the talent they need for their organization.

A Considerable Challenge

The fact is that most of the high performing tech specialists out there are already employed. With a small pool of available candidates currently available, the onus is on employers to make their proposition the most attractive one on offer. As a result, competition between would-be employers is now extremely fierce; but, fortunately, you don’t have to leave the success of your recruitment drive to chance. There are many actions that can be taken in order to make your job offer really appealing to the right candidate.

This should involve sitting down and creating a clear picture of exactly what the role – and your organization – can offer the right person. What career prospects could they expect, and what career development initiatives do you run? Do you offer other benefits such as the option for flexible or remote working practices, which could open up the job opportunity to more talented individuals rather than limiting your search to those who can be present in your offices day in, day out? Think, too, about the projects and tasks that the successful candidate will likely be working on: Bright capable people will want challenges and diversity, so highlight the scope of the work that you will provide.

It’s Not All About The Money

This may come as a surprise to many in the business world, but today’s top talent isn’t always motivated by money alone. Of course, a great competitive salary and benefits are always going to be appealing; but for many younger applicants in particular, other factors are just as persuasive when it comes to picking a new employer.

In fact, environmental issues are an extremely high priority for Millennial and Gen Z job hunters, with preference given to organizations who demonstrate commitments to sustainability and other green practices. As an employer, enrolling your business in a carbon offsetting scheme or highlighting other environmentally friendly initiatives, such as a move towards paperless offices or subsidies for green transport methods, can prove influential in attracting bright and committed young professionals.

Other aspects which can give an organization the edge (without resorting to padding out the pay on offer) include a great workplace environment, with a clear shared ethos and vision for the future. Of course, such a positive environment cannot be achieved overnight, but must instead be fostered carefully with each and every new hire. Making sure that a new employee is a good fit for your corporate values will help to both reduce the risk of a bad hire (which as well as costing your business in time and resources, can also threaten staff morale) and help to ensure that your existing staff aren’t tempted away to new pastures.

Team Work Helps With Hiring

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