Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

Digital is further accelerating this pace of change, as we all face evolving competitive and technological demands from unexpected places. Competition now often comes from unexpected places and innovations in technology allow startups to compete head-to-head with market leaders. At PwC, we have worked with clients of all sizes in markets around the world and have learned a lot about digital transformation from helping these clients, as well as applying what we have learned to our own transformation journey.

So what have we learned to do differently? At PwC, we have learned that true transformation comes from leveraging the power of perspective. Only with the right combination and balance of insights can true sustainable change occur. Today’s challenges require the ability to look at the world through a variety of lenses to come up with new perspectives and solutions. Every major challenge has three critically important lenses that need to be aligned in order to drive innovation and industry disruption. They are the Business, Experience, and Technology lenses. We call this the BXT method.

In our PwC Digital Services engagements, we combine a diverse set of skills and perspectives to drive this transformation. This allows us to identify solutions that may not be intuitive when viewed through the single lens of like-minded teams. When we build a team for our clients, we combine the power of diverse subject-matter expertise including MBA strategists, data scientists, technologists and experience designers to engage at all levels of the organization. Then we apply these diverse perspectives to strategize, create, implement and adapt the organizations’ approach to digital optimization. This allows PwC Digital Services to drive digital transformation in a way that’s faster, more agile, and more accountable for our clients. Instead of just benchmarking against existing best practices, we break down silos, unearth new value and make tomorrow a reality faster than what many of our clients thought was possible. We bring focus to the experience of both the customers and the employees of the organization to shape the vision for the future.

Here in Austin, we have our PwC Experience Center team, who have come from some of the leading Fortune 100 technology companies and from startups in our city. We tap into the power of our PwC Global Network to bring the strongest mix of industry and market knowledge to every engagement. As we move into the new year, we look forward to engaging with Austin Technology Council members in conversations and to get your perspectives on how we continue to evolve our businesses here in Austin, long known as the City of Ideas. We’ll be sharing more here in the coming months.

Interested in learning more about how the PwC Experience Center has helped a wide variety of organizations tackle their most complex business challenges? You can get a customized view of BXT perspectives for your organization.

Kat Mandelstein,

1 Source: Mark J. Dawson and Mark L. Jones, PwC, “Human Change Management: Herding Cats”