Earn a Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Area Associate Degree

The Technological University “El Retoño” is the first BIS (Bilingual, International, and Sustainable) technological university in Mexico and is distinguished by its commitment to innovation, technology, and sciences. For this, the University will open the first academic program in the country related to data science and artificial intelligence.


The great advances in science and technology demand the permanent renewal of study programs and the opening of new careers at a professional level. The management of a new option of studies at the Associate Degree level is a process that leads to the careful articulation of several stages, including preliminary studies, labor analysis of the environment, the definition of the professional competencies, validation of the training project, production of the study program, approval of the program, and its implementation (CGUTyP, 2015).

The methodology established by the Technological and Polytechnical Universities Direction to generate the curricula of a new educational program consists of carrying out a workshop with employers, supervisors, and experts in the area where the graduate will work in the labor market. The objective of this multidisciplinary group is to collect reliable information about the competencies, abilities, knowledge, skills, and attitudes that the professional must possess to perform successfully in the labor field (CGUTyP, 2015).

Profession Overview

The Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Area Associate Graduate is a professional with knowledge and skills to develop the activities of pre-production, production, and post-production of creative content in an efficient and functional way. The specialists gathered in the workshop identified the key tasks of the sector and grouped them by productive function. Based on this classification, the general purpose of the profession in data science was formulated:

  • Integrate data collection, organization, and processing solutions using databases, programming languages, libraries, and specialized tools, process automation, and service implementation for data consumption and contribute to decision making.
  • Develop computational learning solutions by identifying and modeling data patterns and generating products, as well as documenting and communicating the project to automate processes and make decisions.

Labor Field

The Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Area Associate Degree may work at the local level, regional, national and international, as well as in any organization in areas related to technology solutions; software; digital marketing; financial and banking institutions; stores wholesale; discount department stores; warehouse clubs; the INEGI; the SAT, among others.


Offering the first educational program in this area will allow the University to graduate talent for a growing industry in data science, but in a scenario where there was no training and preparation at the associate or bachelor level until now.

The above will make the UTR a benchmark and leader in this sector, in which the efforts of experts from research centers, institutions such as INEGI and IEE Aguascalientes, and recognized companies in the market such as IBM, Siemens, Continental, and Capgemini, who collaborate closely with the University for the consolidation of this project.

The University maintains its social commitment to continue contributing to the development of the region by implementing actions aligned with Industry 4.0⁠ — innovation for our education.