Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast Episode 3: “Serving Small Businesses”

ATC & Thom Singer present the third installment of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast: “Serving Small Businesses”

Thom Singer, podcast host, interviews thought-leaders from  ATC Member Companies regarding their unique advice for startups, thoughts on Austin’s tech ecosystem, and personal heroes every first Thursday of the month.

John Del Bello, Capital Strategies

John is the Firm Business Development Director at Capital Strategies. He has developed a unique & proprietary platform offering employees & teams  at companies with 5-500 employees Free Financial Education, and Benefits that may include Financial Planning for individuals and any financial services that may not be available through their employer.

John taps into his entrepreneurial experience to help the team, help the company, and help the individual. He is a firm believer in the critical duty to support each other and help direct those in need to find their success as an entrepreneur. Listen in here or go to the episode page at

What is Cool ThingsEntrepreneurs Do?

Thom Singer has interviewed over 400 CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, solopreneurs, and others on his popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast (named on as one of 8 business podcasts to listen to in 2018). Through these in-depth conversations he learned there is no single thing that holds people back from achieving more, nor is there one solution to reaching the top levels of success.  It is unique for each person.

Why Capital Strategies?

Capital Strategies is a client- and process-focused organization. Because every financial situation is unique, our professionals strive to be the most valuable advisors who engage in ongoing, collaborative relationships with both our clients, and specialists with expertise, to provide customized solutions.

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