Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast Episode 2: “Don’t Chase the Money”

ATC & Thom Singer present the second installment of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast: “Don’t Chase the Money”

Thom Singer, podcast host, interviews thought-leaders from  ATC Member Companies regarding their unique advice for startups, thoughts on Austin’s tech ecosystem, and personal heroes every first Thursday of the month.

Alex & Timothy Porter, Underminer Studios

Husband & Wife Duo, Alex & Timothy Porter, discuss the resources they used to grow their startup, how their company benefits from their relationship – and vice versa, and what each of their experiences bring to the table to successfully CHASING THE DREAM.

What is Cool ThingsEntrepreneurs Do?

Thom Singer has interviewed over 400 CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, solopreneurs, and others on his popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast (named on as one of 8 business podcasts to listen to in 2018). Through these in-depth conversations he learned that there is no single thing that holds people back from achieving more, nor is there one solution to reaching the top levels of success.  It is unique for each person.

Why Underminer Studios?

Underminer utilizes Visualization Technology like Augmented and Virtual Reality as well as Volumetric Video to design innovative products for business that will help define the future of human-computer interaction.

They are working to humanize the digital world. Alex & Timothy were both recognized by Intel Software as 2018 Top Innovators.