Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast Episode 10: “Your6 with Jason Rigolli”

ATC & Thom Singer present the 9th installment of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast: “YOUR6 with Jason Rigolli”

Thom Singer, podcast host, interviews thought-leaders from ATC Member Companies regarding their unique advice for startups, thoughts on Austin’s tech ecosystem, and personal heroes every first Thursday of the month.

Jason Rigolli – YOUR6

We’re proud to present this episode of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do as a special Veteran’s Day podcast. We salute all veterans and are proud to call YOUR6 a member.
In this episode Jason Rigolli talks to Cool Things host, Thom Singer, about the transition from a military career to the corporate world with the help of Your6’s software, Lillian. Lillian is designed to consider Competency, Character and Chemistry to support both the Military and Non-Military Talent infrastructures.

What is Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do?

Thom Singer has interviewed over 400 CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, solopreneurs, and others on his popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast (named on as one of 8 business podcasts to listen to in 2018). Through these in-depth conversations he learned that there is no single thing that holds people back from achieving more, nor is there one solution to reaching the top levels of success.  It is unique for each person.

Why YOUR6?

The YOUR6 platform is a bridge of communication that enables veterans to successfully define the skills they acquired through their service as accurate and clear core competencies for civilian careers.

YOUR6 is a company dedicated to helping military veterans optimize their re-entry into a civilian professional life using a portal to translate and align their military experiences and skills to civilian opportunities. In doing so, we help uncover unforeseen talents to ensure more Veterans find meaningful careers. We will change the way employers select diverse talent.

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