Cloud Security Staffing Challenges & Considerations for GDPR

GDPR is something you hear rolling off the tongues of business owners who have EU clients. Full compliance and security are top priority for cloud deployments containing personal data of these citizens.

This doesn’t just mean a change in technology. Companies have been facing hurdles in investing resources and precious time in order to prepare their own internal cloud teams to specialize in Cloud Security. So, how can you be sure your company is ready to effectively design secure and traceable cloud-based solutions?

Have You Audited Your Personal Data Systems?

Email addresses, phone numbers, names, photos and IP addresses all fall within the GDPR range of data types defined as PII (Personally Identifiable Information). It’s time to take a good look at what your company collects in data. There are cloud services, such as Amazon Macie that assess and audit the data currently stored by your company in order to determine the impact GDPR will have.

Do yourself a favor – use this as an opportunity to switch up how your business is collecting data and what, exactly, you are banking.

Are Your Cloud Partners GDPR Compliant?

Both the cloud providers as well as the customer must be compliant under GDPR. What does this mean for your business? In short, it is imperative that all companies ensure their cloud partners (as well as any third parties that manage, process, and/or stores the personal data for EU citizens) have the appropriate controls and compliance in play.

Can Your Company Afford A Breach?

Unfortunately, a breach means more than just some data loss. Under GDPR, any PII breach could ultimately result in some severe fines. A comprehensive cloud security team utilizes effective monitoring services, data encryption, variable access, and rapid threat detection.

A continuous training strategy will help strengthen your Cloud Security team’s skills and knowledge in order to keep up with best practices. A strong team framework for your company’s Cloud Security will be the key for being GDPR ready.

Find Candidates With Experience

So, we’ve gone over the challenges – what’s a solution for your company’s Cloud Security staffing needs?

Professionals backed with experience are prime for such tactical positions. As an employer, when looking to bring in new candidates for such crucial and sensitive security roles, finding those with experience may be the most important item an individual can bring to the table.

Support Veteran Focus

At Charsky Group, we proudly uphold an environment that has a focus on military Veterans. We like to see all of our companies grow, but, as a SDVOSB, we emphasize Veteran focus. We uphold the highest of standards for teaming arrangements and we provide SDVOSB credits towards government contracting.

Our industry-backed credentials and affiliations highlight what Charsky Group is able to offer for your business staffing.

Together, we will find the perfect candidates for your Cloud Security staffing needs!

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