CIATEQ Technological Solutions

We are a public center specialized in advanced manufacturing and industrial processes; we develop services and projects of technological development, applied research and training of specialized talent.

Established on November 9, 1978, CIATEQ is part of the network of Public Research Centers of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT); within the Coordination of Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Processes.


Forty-two years after its foundation, CIATEQ has presence in seven states of the country, Queretaro, Aguascalientes, Lerma, State of Mexico, Hidalgo, Jalisco, San Luis Potosi and Tabasco; having the capabilities to support the development of different industry sectors such as: energy, oil&gas, water, advanced manufacturing, food, environment, mobility and health.


We have facilities equipped with computer-aided engineering software, manufacturing and machining workshops, measuring equipment and service laboratories certified by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (ema), as well as concurrent engineering and virtual reality rooms that facilitate multidisciplinary interaction in our projects, which ensures compliance with the requirements and expectations of our customers.

We are a Center specialized in metrology, accepted by the Energy Regulatory Commission, also the only center in Mexico for verification of oil & gas measurement audits. CIATEQ’s personnel has the technological capabilities to carry out projects of high competitive impact, which, gives the Center a highly competitive level at national and international level.


Our technological solutions have a wide range of solutions to solve industrial problems with more than 51 thousand projects of experience in the following topics:

Digital Manufacturing Systems

Technological solutions to optimize the design and control of manufacturing systems, using digital tools such as process simulation, which contribute to the proper design of products and processes.

Advanced Manufacturing Systems

High-tech process solutions for the manufacturing industry in various subsectors, including solutions for Industry 4.0 such as automation and artificial intelligence. We consider material recovery and recycling processes, as well as processes whose operation involves low environmental impact.

Molds, Dies and Toolings

Technological solutions for design, development, manufacturing, rebuilding and maintenance of molds, dies and tooling.

Special Purpose Equipment/Devices

Technological solutions in machinery or devices, designed and developed according to customer demand. Equipment has been developed mainly for the manufacturing and agricultural industries. Development of solutions to meet specific needs of the healthcare system (including devices and equipment for attending COVID19 needs).

Technologies to generate clean energy.

Technological solutions to generate energy from renewable sources. We have technological groups specialized in Wind and Solar Energy.

Materials Technologies

Technological solutions in polymeric materials. We have a system of services to characterize and improve the properties and performance of materials. We have the capacity to develop polymers with specific attributes and we carry out waste recycling/revaluation projects.

IT Platforms for Manufacturing

Technological solutions in purpose-oriented computer systems. We have integrated manufacturing systems, inventory control systems, automated transportation control systems, which contribute to an adequate management of information for a wide range of industries such as airports, oil&gas and electricity.

Industrial Plant Engineering

Development of integral solutions for the implementation and optimization of processes in industrial plants considering safety and reliability aspects. These solutions are available for a variety of industries, such as Automotive, Oil&Gas and Agroindustry.

Monitoring Systems

Technological solutions for data retrieval, analysis and processing.

Energy Efficiency Systems

Technological solutions to optimize energy consumption in companies of diverse industries. We have Energy Management models that provide very attractive reductions for any type of manufacturing company.

Measurement, Metrology and Laboratory Systems

Technological solutions for flow measurement, metrological systems, primary element such as Plate-Building, among other solutions for high specification industries such as Oil&Gas, automotive and food.

Continuing Education

Training of high-level human resources in scientific-technological areas related with the social and industrial sectors, as well as specialized courses in cutting-edge topics, such as: Industry 4.0; Moulding, Dies and Tooling; Predictive Maintenance, Polymers Engineering, among other relevant topics.
• Postgraduate programs
• Specialization courses in various Engineering and Manufacturing topics.

We have developed more than 5,000 projects in alliance with National and International Educational Institutions, Research Centers and Companies. CIATEQ committed with technology, innovation and society.