BlackFire Cyber Insurance Launches Services to Protect Businesses from Data Breach, Cyber Attack and More

As businesses head into 2021, cyberattack such as ransomware and data breaches remain to happen. Companies put their data at risk as the whole world pushes for interconnectivity more than ever. This situation calls for protection, and that is what BlackFire Cyber Insurance aims to give. The company recently launched digital cyber insurance coverage services for small and middle market businesses.

“Any company who utilizes technology to run its operations, collects or passes sensitive electronic data, or process financial transactions need to carry cyber insurance. Businesses with any online presence in any form including emails need to carry cybersecurity insurance to protect them from online threats, along with network security liability & privacy regulation liability” said a spokesperson from BlackFire Cyber Insurance. “Don’t wait, mitigate!” she added.

The team at BlackFire Cyber Insurance has a combined 30 years of insurance and technology expertise. This experience enables them to bring businesses the best coverage to mitigate their risk in the best way possible. Unlike physical loss and incidents like fire or break-ins, cyber events are not often restricted to a location. It is critical to understand how an organization operates digitally and the overlaps between all systems within and outside of the company is a vital factor to determine the risk involved and the broader implications when a company falls victim to a cyberattack.

BlackFire Cyber Insurance assists individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses get the right cybersecurity coverage that fits their business model. As a team of insurance and technology experts, the company takes pride in offering products from the most reliable insurance providers in the country with A and above rating from AM Best with reliable claim history. Comprehensive cyber insurance providers not only want to be there to pay the claim when all else fail but also choosing to be proactive by providing assessment and monitoring services as cybersecurity is imperative in cyber space.

BlackFire Cyber Insurance offers its services to companies regardless of their size. The company works with a wide range of professions, including accounting firms, recruiting, local governments, e-commerce websites, technology companies, the health and medical industry, law firms, and other organizations. They also take pride in working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, and startups to ensure companies adapt to cybersecurity space and transfer the risk that are truly out of their control.

BlackFire Cyber Insurance’s approach is to focus on providing exceptional service. This way, the company saves its clients’ time and money by exploring the most efficient way to ensure smooth and effective data risk transfer with the best-fitting insurance coverage for any business.

Clients of BlackFire Cyber Insurance attest to the professional services they offer. Katrina S., from Texas, said, “BlackFire Cyber Insurance is great when it comes to attention to details and handholding the process with me before I finalized the right coverage I was looking for my business.”

For more information on BlackFire Cyber Insurance solutions for small and medium business, where companies can speak to a cyber expert or get their current corporate policy reviewed to ensure sufficient digital cyber coverage, visit The company also has a blog section and YouTube channel that can guide individuals and companies in getting the right insurance for their business.

About BlackFire Cyber Insurance

BlackFire Cyber Insurance is a team of cyber insurance experts who take pride in offering various types of professional & technology insurance. This type includes commercial insurance, general liability insurance, small business owners insurance, professional liability insurance, as well as insurance for cybersecurity and data breach insurance quotes from A-rated insurance carriers and cyber insurance companies. The team behind the company has a combined 30 years of insurance and technology expertise to bring businesses the best coverage that’ll mitigate network, digital and cybercrime risk in the best way possible.