Best practices for Outsourcing Podcast

Calavista CMO, Sloan Foster interviews Lawrence Waugh, Co-Founder of Calavista and Russ Finney, CIO and CTO of itmWEB, discussing best Practices for Outsourcing Software Development and how to get the most out of virtual teams. Globalization continues to open up opportunities for organizations to increase efficiency and drive productivity by executing projects remotely and working with geographically distributed teams. This is no more apparent in any part of the business than in the area of Information Technology (IT). Information technology groups are consistently executing projects in multiple geographical locations, both within the organization and externally with vendors and partners around the world.

“When we started Calavista 16 years ago, outsourcing software development was, was not ubiquitous in the way that it is now. Often we had to convince our customers that outsourcing was something that was actually even a viable alternative for them as opposed to something that they just kind of had to do. I think we’ve come to a much more mature place in the industry where people see outsourcing is really practical matter and it’s a business decision as opposed to a sort of a “bet the company decision”.

Russ Finney shares his report with 10 factors to successfully managing virtual teams.