Achieving End-to-End Automation: A How-to Guide

Robotic process automation (RPA) promises significant gains to many areas of operations. The benefits of using RPA technology include reduced costs, improved workflows, better resource management and even happier employees. But for all its hyped benefits, actual digital transformation with RPA has proved to be more elusive. Many businesses recognized the value of RPA early on, automating various tasks and processes along the way. However, this siloed approach soon bred problems of its own, contributing to unstable tech stacks and technical debt.

In our latest white paper, we address these challenges head-on, discussing how to do more with automation, and how to implement thoughtful integration that considers your business processes end-to-end.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside the paper:

Understanding the Process Landscape: Learn about all the critical components of business process management and how to make the most valuable changes to improve it.

Role Identification: Stay in complete control of every aspect of your business process. Learn how to create efficient workflows by assigning specific areas to humans and others to bots.

Process Mining: Dig deep to find the most value. Learn how to systematically capture all the details in your processes, and how to leverage tools that can make smart recommendations for improvement.

Business Process Design: Explore workflow design tools that allow you to build from scratch, or redesign your existing workflows.

Setting Automations Live: Discover how to create hybrid workflows (which include both people and automation), and how a single-pane view can make all the difference.

Managing Day-to-Day Automations: Read about the importance of service orchestration, and how the idea of hyper-orchestration is becoming the standard.

Plus… Exclusive DOs and DON’Ts about automation for today’s business leaders.

In addition to these topics, the white paper also discusses how today’s automation approach isn’t necessarily linear. Start where you are and go from there, then cycle back through, adding more automation, more orchestration and more optimization. Then…repeat.

If you have questions about RPA, end-to-end automation or the hybrid workforce, don’t miss this free automation white paper.

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