A Perm Placement Doesn’t Have to Mean the End of New Projects

Although a permanent role tends to be the preferred type of employment for most people, contracted, shorter-term projects will always have a certain allure for those looking to get ahead.

They provide a wide variety of additional benefits including opportunities to:

  • Increase your income and savings
  • Enhance your skills, gain vital new experience, and progress your career
  • Guild your network and make contacts in a field that you are interested in.

However, if you are already in employment, it’s important to assess some key considerations before you take on project work.

Perhaps most importantly, consider the nature of your contract. Many have a non-compete or “whole duty, care and attention” clause that seems to prevent other work of any kind. However, these contracts are increasingly hard to enforce ⁠— even where employers would want to try to do so⁠ — and risk damage to a brand. The world of work is changing fast and talented individuals are keen to have portfolio careers rather than traditional and linear career paths.

The best thing to do is to speak to your employer so that they are fully aware of the situation and explain how you will give your best efforts to both areas.

Secondly, take time to ask yourself whether you can handle a project on top of a full-time role. For example, if you simply want more money, a promotion, or better opportunities to advance your career, you might be better off looking for a new permanent position, rather than taking on extra work.

Revisit your career plans and assess the freelance work project within the context of your goals. Is it a strategic project that moves you closer to achieving those goals? Are you prepared to sacrifice your free time in order to make a short-term investment?

Do a cost/benefit analysis Yes, the money and career-boosting will be important, but will the extra work risk leaving you burned out or compromise other important relationships and priorities in your life?

It may be worth speaking to a career coach to clarify your own goals and values when challenging questions like this arise. Just because a project isn’t right for you at this time doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future.

Perhaps the fact you are in this position means it’s time to revisit your career path and research new roles that satisfy your career goals and expectations. New challenges and skills are always woven into the right kind of new job, so review your own position and see what’s out there to reboot your career aspirations.

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