Spry’s On-Demand Publicity Kit = Marketing PR that’s as easy as ordering an Uber

ATC has teamed up with Spry, the world’s first on-demand PR network, to make world-class PR accessible to startups on any budget.

NEW: Spry’s Publicity Kit for Startups provides instant, on-demand access to world-class PR and journalism talent. That deliver real results.


View Spry’s unique, on-demand approach

Download the Spry app on iOS or Android

Choose from a variety of turnkey solutions, answer a couple of questions

Pay only for what you need (starting at $500)

Review and approve the materials before they go out

Wait for the tangible results to roll in with reports from Spry on ROI.

PR that’s as easy as ordering an Uber



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  • Instant, on-demand access to world-class PR and journalism talent.
  • Guaranteed expertise matched to your specific need – we only accept the top 20% of applicants into our workforce.
  • No need for sorting through bios or resumes, it’s all on-demand.
  • No long-term contracts. Pay only for what you need, starting at $500.
  • NEW: Spry’s Publicity Kit for Startups, a turnkey solution for announcing your big news.
  • More details at: https://sospry.com/your-news-is-totally-turnkey-with-sprys-new-startup-publicity-kit/



Press Release

PRESS RELEASE Get the word out about your new product or service, corporate update, event, new biz or general announcement.


Media List

MEDIA LIST Get a custom list of the right reporters to contact with your news. Names, numbers, emails, social media handles and more. Easy-to-read. And all in one place.

SOCIAL MEDIA REPORT Digest the data to see if your social media campaign hit the mark. Followers, mentions, metrics and more. A wrap-up of all the digital coverage.

MEDIA COVERAGE REPORT See if your media campaign met your goal. Where the news ran, the quotes used, key messages included, even the coverage tone. Data to decide if your campaign did what you wanted it to do.

LinkedIn Blog Post

LINKEDIN BLOG POST Connect with people in a casual and conversational way. Share your ideas, show your expertise, drive web site traffic, even gain new customers.

Fact Sheet

FACT SHEET Tell the world the ABCs of your product or organization. Overview statement, key stats, financials, history, leadership, plus other interesting tidbits.

DIGITAL INFLUENCER LIST Find out who’s writing or talking about your niche online. Contacts, relevance, reach, social media engagement and other details. A fresh list of influencers who meet your criteria

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE Show your expertise in a news article attributed to you. Factual, meaty and concise columns that highlight your research and know-how. Share the article with media outlets for a chance to be published.